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August 20th 2013
Published: August 28th 2013
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Medellin to Guatape

Today is a bit of a sad day, not only is it our last day in Medellin, a city that we have grown a great affection for, but it is also our last day of travelling with our big Swiss mate, Luca... After five weeks, including plotting how to get out of Iquitos, sweating buckets on the Caribbean coast, and enjoying the lifestyle in the hills of Colombia, we are saying goodbye.

We have travelled with a number of great people on our trip so far, but none for such a period of time and ease. The three of us met at a time in our travels when we were burnt out by months on the road, and tired of being gringo's and the associated baggage that comes with it. Along Mojo's and my travels, we have been told by numerous people that Colombia was the place to visit, and with our combined state of mind, the timing was perfect to find Luca and travel together through the most amazing country i have had the pleasure of visiting. The three of us were no longer in the mood for tours and treks after hustling through the Altiplano, and just wanting chillout time (although the lost city trek sounds amazing, (but sweaty)). Instead, it was time for sleeping in, relaxing, going to the beach, and generally doing sfa. Full credit to the big guy for travelling with a couple for so long, it must be different. I know he needed a wingman here and there, which i could not provide, but he found one when required. If our our travelling destinations had not differed, I am sure we would have travelled together for quite some time. It is a treat to meet people like that when travelling, and we will miss his company.

For our last full day in Medellin, we wanted to visit Peñón de Guatapé, essentially a massive rock near a prety town about two hours outside of Medellin. A few days earlier we had met Julia, a nice young English traveller, and Cody and Katey, an American couple on a whirlwind around the world trip. So the six of us, along with a Angelo, a shy ,unassuming fella from Brazil caught a local bus to Guatape.

The ride took us up and out of the valley that the Medellin resides in, sometimes we were shrouded in clouds, but quickly we popped out into blue blue sky lit hills. The Peñón de Guatapé is a large rock that hs been exposed over the years as the rest of the mountain eroded away. Perched on the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere, it is some 200m above the ground, with the remaining 2/3rd's below ground. It is completely out of place from the surrounding countryside, and it takes more then 700 lungbusting steps to get to the top, made all the more difficult by the fact that we have not done any trekking in 2 months. the views from the top are very picturesque, but softened with the knowledge that all of the lakes are man made, for the fun of water and jet skiers.

After a knee wobbling decent to the base, the 7 of us managed to squeeze into a tuk tuk that took us to the town of Guatape, some 5km away. With 3 three 6 foot plus guys and 5 more people in the converted motorcycle, the drivers hands had lost all colour from squeezing the breaks during the decent. And then on the small inclines the poor two stroke spluttered and coughed its way to a top speed equivalent of a sloth.

Arriving in Guatape, we were greeted with a pretty little town that seems somewhat original and colourful, as well as being rapidly transformed into a tourist town. The streets are highlighted with great colours and small cobblestone laneways, and noone really bothers you. Walking around town is very picturesque and relaxing, but a few hours was enough. The bus ride back to Medellin took us through a manic peak hour as we nodded in and out of conciousnous,.

That night, our last, we went to hooters. I have never been to a hooters before, and thought that if there was ever a hooters to go, it had to be Medellin. Some of the girls were stunning, whilst some looked like they had 2 semi flat basketballs stuffed in their shorts due to the silicone implants. I really don't get their desire for plastic surgery over here, e.g there are ad's at the train station for boob jobs.

Medellin is a beautiful city, and i hope to visit again soon. It would be a great place to live if you had the means.

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Interesting way to advertise a hotel

Don't quite understand the helicopter and the truck...

7th September 2013

I have to thank you guys that I could be part of your great tag-team :), we just had an awesome time, Neil keep writing this interesting blog you're doing a great job! Hope to see you soon guys! Enjoy the rest! Hello from Cali!

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