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February 10th 2014
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Leticia Amazonas is right in the middle between the big cities of Iquitos and Manaus. We have a population of nearly 40,000 happy, warming and beautiful peopleand about 10,000 motorcycles (getting close). The biggest difference between Manaus and Iquitos is that in our city you will not experience arm robbery, people are not piranhas in the streets selling you tours, it's not as hot as Manaus or Iquitos (Those city have too much concrete) and we are really open to help you thru your trip.

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Getting from Leticia to Iquitos

Iquitos (Peru), it's located 365 KM away from Leticia and the only transportation available is by boat or plane. The closest town from Leticia is Santa Rosa Island and this is where you take the ferry or speed boat to Iquitos. Planes will depart from Leticia Amazonas airport.

Flying to Iquitos from Leticia

There is new company flying to Leticia only Mondays and Fridays at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. They started on November 2013 and the price is aprox 90 USD per route, this is the email of the business authorized to sells the tickets in Leticia

How to get the plane to Iquitos from Leticia

The plane to Iquitos flies at Leticia's Airport (Alfredo Vasquez Cobo) and the only way to get there is by taxi.

If you are in Santa Rosa Peru,you must take a boat to Leticia's ($3,000 COP per person) Port and then take a taxi to the airport ($7,000 COP).
If you are in Tabatinga Brasil, you must take a mototaxi ($3 Reais) to the frontier, take another mototaxi in Colombia ($1,500 COP) to the taxi's stop and then take one to the airport ($7,000).
If you are in a Hotel in Leticia Amazonas, tell the desk clerk to call the taxi company to pick you up to the airport. ($7,000 COP).

Note: The only authorized transportation to Leticia's Airport is a Taxi. Mototaxi or small white tuks tuks will leave you 2 blocks away from the airport.

Ferry Boat from Santa Rosa Island to Iquitos

This is the cheapest way to get to Iquitos. There are several Ferries or Cargo Boats that goes to Iquitos (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday). It takes 3 days on a hammock and they also have rooms (Not recommended for sleeping; They are really dirty).

The price is 90 soles per person and it will include all meals starting from the second day. The food is not that really good so be prepare to eat a lot of chicken cooked with soy, noodles and rice.

My recommendation is to bring bags of 5 litters of water (You can buy it at Leticia, they come in a bag and the price is $1,700 COP). It departs from Santa Rosa Island at 8:00 Pm. You will have to get to the boat at 5:00 pm to get a hammock space and always be in the third flood.

Note: Those boats are not really secure, be aware of your belongings and have some ear plugs because it's a lot of noise. Thursdays are no cargo boats service.

How to get the ferry boat to Iquitos from Leticia

The boats go from Santa Rosa Island everyday at 8:00 pm and the only way to get there is by boat.

• If you are in Tabatinga Brasil, you must take a Mototaxi ($3 Reais) to the Fera and take a boat ride to Santa Rosa Island ($3 Reais).
• If you are in a Hotel in Leticia Amazonas, tell the desk clerk to call a taxi or Tuk Tuk to Leticia's Port and take a boat ride to Santa Rosa Island ($3,000 COP).

Note: Be early (5:00 PM) at Santa Rosa, Get the amount of water you need on 5 littler water bags, At all times be with your luggage at the boat, have soles (Peruvian Currency) and enjoy your ride.


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