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South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon July 16th 2013

three days in puerto narino y perù... read more
puerto narino
puerto narino
Ipuerto narino

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon July 13th 2013

two nights in leticia before heading to perù on the amazon... read more
frog in leticia

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon January 6th 2013

We arrived to the place of 3 frontiers before lunch time and were dropped at the bank of the Amazon on the Peruvian side, we think. It was hard to tell because there was a lot going on around us and to get anywhere we had to take a water taxi anyway. We negotiated a price with a boatmen and he took us first to the immigration office so that we could be stamped out of Peru. As it happens water is too low for the barca to go there so you have to really deal with the extra cost. It was not much anyway and the guy waited for us to take us to Leticia, port of entry to Colombia…ah, finally. People say it is not pretty but we found it rather nice. The streets ... read more
from the viewpoint
in the jungle
on the way to the lake

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon August 3rd 2012

We ended up staying 6 nights in Iquitos as there were no slow boats leaving until after the weekend due to Dia del Peru celebrations. On the Monday the only boat heading to Leticia had no camarotes available so we decided to book onto the fast boat as time was beginning to slip away a little. The rapid boat left first thing the following day and was RAPID, taking just 9 hours to cover the distance that takes the slow cargo boat 3 days. The boat took us to Santa Rosa on the tri border where we got our passports sorted. Santa Rosa looked chilled, ladies playing volleyball and parrots lolliing around the place. Took the long route over to Leticia with the Austrian lad and another travelling couple (yawn!). One of the jumping fish landed ... read more
?You looking at me?
Big Lilles
Aye aye Captain

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon January 25th 2011

In Iquitos I was a little past the midpoint to the tri-frontier. From Pucallpa, where I´d been living with my host family for a couple of months, I hoped to reach Leticia, Colombia in order to renew my Peruvian visa. Every inch of the journey was passed in boat, firstly along the Ucayali River which later becomes the Amazonas. From Iquitos I would travel the Amazon through Loreto. With forty percent of the country´s area, it is Peru´s largest department. Loreto ends with the tiny town of Santa Rosa, which along with the Leticia and Tabatinga, Brazil create the triple-border. I asked a motocarrista to take me to the port where boats left for Leticia, to scope out the scene. The boats were smaller than those going between Pucallpa and Iquitos, at two or three decks ... read more

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon November 2nd 2010

A pipe dream: I suppose that is what you could have labeled the idea of crossing the Amazon from the western border of Brazil to the Atlantic Coast. I can still remember when this idea popped into my head, long before I had ventured off Australian soil. You know, those TO DO LISTS you write after a heated discussion with someone about how crap your job is and if you could travel the world this is what you would do. Although, over the last 3 years I have been living out my dream. And on this second trip to Latin America crossing the Amazon was one of the first things on my agenda. The length of the journey you can take across the Amazon Basin varies. If you are a purist, as in the sense that ... read more
Amazon sunset
A glimpse of a pink river dolphin
Puerto Nariño Port

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon September 9th 2010

Buenos Tardes, We arrived in Leticia without any issues. Fortunatly, the humidity wasn´t as bad as Cartagena, but it was still over 30 degrees there! Upon landing, we were surprised with an arrival tax that is only applicable to tourists. They horde you off and you have to take a separate entrance and pay or you cannot enter the country. We went into town where we could pick up a bus to take us 11km along the 28km road to nowhere. The road is in very good conditions, but stops at the jungle after 28km for no apparent reason. We stopped at the 11km mark because our accomodation Omshanty was there. We met the owner of Omshanty, Enrique, who is a Basque biologist but would not be out of place at a Lamb of God concert ... read more

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon September 1st 2010

So after Isla Malpelo I guess that Leticia can be considered as our second Colombian island: There are no roads to Leticia, ony flights and slow boats.... The "banana boat" to Leticia takes 3 weeks from Baranquilla and that depends on the river conditions. So somehow: Yes it's an island in the Amazon. Totally in the Southeast of Colombia, hugging the borders with Brazil and Peru. Here we're leaving Colombia, and actually earlier than we somehow thought... Welcome to the Jungle! We took a flight from Bogota to here and got ourselves 2 beds in a 'hostel', the most expensive one we've had in Colombia. We nagged a bit and indeed the price went down: we happy, but the owner not. Guess he was a bit manic depressive: I saw him smile only when we handed ... read more
Heading down into the jungle
Lunch time!!!!
River view

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon October 9th 2009

Hoi hoi, Hier nog een berichtje over Colombia. Na te zijn bijgekomen van onze jungletocht naar de 'Verloren Stad' op het strand van Tacanga voerde de reis naar Cartagena. Een stad met een erg mooi historisch centrum en woonplaats van o.a. Shakira! Shakira! Helaas was ze niet thuis. Enfin, na een paar dagen in de stad en een tripje naar een moddervulkaan, waarin je heerlijk kon badderen, vlogen we met een jonge huid en een strak gezicht naar de Leticia, een stadje in de Amazone in het uiterste zuiden van Colombia en op het 3-landenpunt. Peru & Brazilië zijn de buren en de grens wordt gevormd door de rivier, die hier letterlijk en figuurlijk de levensader is van alles. Afgezien van vliegen is varen de enige manier van transport hier. Om een wat beter gevoel te ... read more
Joost neemt een modderbad
Dag schoonheid

South America » Colombia » Leticia » Rio Yavari, Amazon April 27th 2009

Although there was a sad farewell to Colombia, there was still one more place left to see before we said our final goodbyes. We had decided early on in our Colombian trip that we would love to see Leticia, a town in the far south of the country and interestingly a town that straddled two countries. It is from Leticia where the Amazon river is used to move produce and indeed people between the countries of Colombia, Brasil and Peru. Known as the 3 frontiers it is a weird and wonderful jungle town with intense heat and humidity and the potential for tropical thunderstorms at a moments notice. Unfortunately the only real way of getting there from Colombia is to fly, so we boarded a local flight down there with the intention of making our way ... read more
Dinner for 1
Dinner for 2
First view from the boat

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