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South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Punta Gallinas October 20th 2019

Heute standen wir um 4:20 auf, packten unsere Rucksäcke und gingen zu einem anderen Hotel. Dort sollte ein Boot auf uns warten, das uns um 5weiterbringen sollte. Das Boot hatte jedoch vermutlich eine leichte Depression in Form von Antriebsproblemen, deshalb mussten wir noch zwei Stunden warten, bis ein paar Bootsflüsterer es überreden konnten, weiterzufahren. Währenddessen hockte ich rum, sah Vögeln zu und dachte daran, wie angenehm es gewesen wäre einfach noch eine Weile im Bett zu bleiben. Eine Weile nach 7 fuhren wir schließlich endlich los. Das Boot war eher klein, gerade groß genug um die 10 Touristen die drinwaren halbwegs (eigentlich weniger) angenehm unterzubringen. Es hatte kein Dach, und da die Wellen uns entgegenkamen musste es relativ langsam fahren. So wurden wir bis zu unserer Ankunft gegen halb 11 ein bisschen von der Sonne gegrillt. ... read more

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Punta Gallinas August 8th 2018

Once again, Colombia delivers! The diversity of this country is amazing and in the department of La Guajira you'll find a desert landscape that meets the Caribbean Sea. It is also the most northern point of South America. We highly recommend doing a tour here if time permits. A three day, two night tour is a great time to see all of the highlights in the comfort of an air conditioned 4WD. The best place to start the tour was from Riohacha. If we had started it from Santa Marta we would have had to add an extra 4-5 hours of driving and the price is a lot more. There were plenty of agencies offering the tour in Riohacha and we chose Alta Guajira Tours as they looked the most professional. All the tours do the ... read more
Lookout Near Cabo de la Vela
Sand Dunes
Desert Landscape

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Punta Gallinas September 17th 2012

We are both by now having a really large smile on our face! Why? Well, after having nearly passed out while on foot in the middle of Colombia Guajira desert & gave up hopes to spend yet another exciting day in a melting pot of dilapidated transports, we are seated under the shadow and standing in front of us is the 4x4 car that will bring us to the next stop (and yes I am finally enjoying my first coffee of the day!). We have made it to Cabo de la Vela, a tiny fishermen village wedged between Caribbean Sea and the scorching hot desert which already felt like the end of the world, and we are now officially optimistic that we will make it to Punta Gallenas, the northern most tip of South America. By ... read more
A very classic view of Guajira desert
When the desert meets the sea...
Cuty !  "Bernard l'hermite"

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Punta Gallinas August 25th 2012

After beginning my travels this year in the wilds of Patagonia, staring out over the heads of the waddling penguins on the windswept shores of the Straits of Magellan, far down in the south of this expansive continent, I have finally found a sense of completion after having stood upon the northern most point of South America. Punta Gallinas is where the continent’s furthest northward reach dips below the surface of the Caribbean Sea, which is located on a point of land in the barren and inhospitable desert region of La Guajira in north-east Colombia. La Guajira is also home to the unconquered indigenous Wayuu people, who live in scattered mud-brick dwellings upon this promontory of land which arcs out above the most westerly region of Venezuela. Aside from wanting to reach the most ... read more
Charango session in a Wayuu hammock (called a Chinchorro) at Punta Gallinas
Early morning in Cabo de la Vela
Sleeping, La Guajira style.

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Punta Gallinas August 8th 2011

Punta Gallinas, Colombia The day began with Alvaro (our driver) trying to find the remote Wayuu port of Puerto Media Luna (Half Moon Port). It is hardly a port, just one out building and a few boats. From here you can see thee giant port of Puerto Bolivar which is the terminus of the railway which bisects La Guajira province. We boarded into a small boat to get ready for our 3 hour ride to Punta Gallinas, the most remote and northern point of the South American continent. The boat ride began smoothly, but as we reached open waters it became quite uncomfortable, The waves were massive - 5-10 feet! We had to sit on life jackets to keep our arses from getting to sore. I survived the ride, but Rich got sick and barfed on ... read more
Where we stayed
Puerta Media Luna
tree suffering from never ending wind

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