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South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Cabo de la Vela March 25th 2018

"Ein Seil bringt uns zum Stoppen. Joaquin, unser Fahrer, kurbelt mit einem Lachen im Gesicht die Scheibe herunter. „Policía Nacional!“ tönt es ernst in unser Auto. Die Gesichter zweier Jungen, die kaum durch die Scheibe sehen können, schauen in unseren Wagen. Dann schiebt Joaquin eine Kekspackung rüber und unsere Fahrt kann bis zur nächsten provisorischen Absperrung weitergehen. La Guajira ist fest in Kinderhand, was das Business mit Süßigkeiten gegen Wegerecht betrifft." (zitiert aus dem Reiseblog von Mad B.) Ziemlich genau so hat sich das auch bei meiner Tour durch die Wüste - el desierto de la Guajira - abgespielt. Es scheint als wäre diese karge, trockene Landschaft tatsächlich das Reich der kleinsten Bewohner dieser Region: Der Kinder. Auf der Fahrt von Santa Marta nach Cabo de... read more
Wayuú-Kinder im Ansturm auf die süße Beute
Unser Tourbus
Mittagspause in der Wüste

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Cabo de la Vela March 9th 2018

Cabo de la Vela is a long way, so it turns out. Probably not to be done in only two days, but that doesn’t stop ALL the tour companies trying. So the background is that I had read about La Guajira, the desert up here in the north-east of Colombia (bordering Venezuela) and the pictures on the internet look beautiful. People at the Spanish school had also recommended it, and since I gave up on doing La Cuidad Perdida (The Lost City trek – too hard, I decided with 7 hour hikes each day for 4 days), this was a lazier option. Cabo de la Vela, in the La Guajira department, is one of the first places ever visited by Europeans in South America. It has also been home to the indigenous Wayuu community for hundreds ... read more
Cabo de la Vela
Cabo de la Vela
Salt at Manaure

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Cabo de la Vela July 24th 2017

We have spent around 5 months of travelling with boats, cars and busses to get from Colombia to El Salvador. Now it took us a just few hours by plane, plus a night at Panama airport, to get back from San Salvador to Bogotá, to get back from Central America to South America. Arriving in Bogotá made us realise how much we had adapted to the Central American way and standard of living and transportation. We currently experience some kind of split personality within ourselves. There is one part that so much loves the most basic life, wearing flip flops and mostly the same clothes everyday, being able to just go for a swim and eat fresh local produce whether this is fruit, vegetables or the fresh fish pulled from the ocean during the past night. ... read more
Big City Bogotá
Bogotá Brewing Company
Going down the old salt mine shafts

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Cabo de la Vela June 29th 2017

La Guajira has a privileged place on the map of Colombia. Although I was born in Riohacha, Capital of the Guajira, when I was only 19 years old I discovered why it´s one of the destinations preferred by foreigners. My land has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets that I´ve ever seen, its landscapes are exotic, you can see deserts, seas, lots of vegetation and beautiful animals like the flamingos in the same territory, it´s amazing! Cabo de la vela and Camarones have in common that they are two beaches that catch your attention with what there is in their surroundings. The Guajira is a virgin and natural land, of many contrasts in it´s landscapes. If you visit this land you will surely want to return, it makes us feel calm and think about how great ... read more
2017-06-29 10.30.41

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Cabo de la Vela August 7th 2013

the desert of the Guajira... read more
cabo de la vela
cabo de la vela
cabo de la vela

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Cabo de la Vela September 16th 2012

Getting off the grid even further & leaving the civilization behind us for well…not sure for how long actually, and that is very much part of any trip to the Guajira peninsula, the Wild Wild East of Colombia, you know when you go there but never when you might manage to come back! This huge deserted area at the northern most point of South America is the land of the Wayuu tribe, fierce & proud, they are about the only people who manage to live in this remote part of the world, even the Spanish never manage to conquer this part of Colombia and this say little about just how isolated & difficult to access the place is…but as well how rewarding it is once you managed to get there… immaculate desert & its rainbow of ... read more
cabanas where you can camp or install an hammock
Rust orange cliff plunging into the sea
Beware, goats crossing !

South America » Colombia » La Guajira » Cabo de la Vela August 7th 2011

Cabo de la Vela, Colombia The day started off meeting our guide Alvaro, and Daniel (from Bogota) who was not a backpacker, but actually going up to Punta Gallinas to work with the native Wayuu peoples living there. He was a fantastic travel companion over the next few days, teaching us about his country, the scenery, and the people. The drive into La Guajira province was amazing. We drove along dirty, rough roads, getting lost a few times eventually arriving in Cabo de la Vela. We passed endless cacti and sand. Cabo (as I call it for short) is a remote Wayuu (native) fishing village. It is slowly developing tourist infrastructure - it just got power within the last year, and new "huts" are springing up for backpackers. It is becoming the next place to visit ... read more
Getting gas in Uribia
Rich and I in Uribia

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