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March 7th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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Sorry folks, a little behind here on the blog. But many of you were bad little subscribers and didnt leave me comments on my last blog anyway. Shame on you.

Cartagena, what can i say. Sun, beaches, relaxation, bliss....... This was the R and R i was looking for.

As soon as i arrived, aside from the rather militant security at the airport, it was clear how lovely the people were. Friendly, kind, went out of their way to help you. What a relief from the struggle of Brasil. And it was WARM and humid at night and hot during the day. Just how i like it!!! And i was beachside. Need i say more..... Aside from the insanity of the street vendors, who were like locusts, Cartagena is a completely wonderful place.

But the street vendors *molesters, as i call them , for the Spanish word for pester is Molestar* were horrible. You literally could not walk 5 steps without someone shoving something for sale in your face. They would jump out in your path and almost trip you. Worse even, than Peru. On the beach, no less than 50 people an hour came up, toting their
Panama City CoastlinePanama City CoastlinePanama City Coastline

too bad it was littered with trash
wares. And that REALLY puts me off. Hard to relax when you want to commit murder.

But aside from that, I had a great time in Cartagena. Walked up a fort, strolled around the colonial old town, took a tour of the surrounding islands, visited a really cool aquarium, made friends with the hotel monkey, sat on the beach, hammocked, read, soaked up the sun and stuffed myself fat with delicious food!!!!! Now THAT is a vacation!!!!!

I am in quito tying up some loose ends and should be home in the next couple of weeks. Can't believe it!!! Looking forward to hearing from you all through all those lovely comments!!!

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Baskin RobbinsBaskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins

yep, the American chain restaurants have arrived here!
A religious experienceA religious experience
A religious experience

At the Panama airport, what a sight for sore eyes. Brazil didnt have chocolate. i mean, not like they had it and it was shitty. they just DID NOT have it. someone told me had something to do with their milk. how do they survive..

Fort, in Cartagena. part of the walled city, designed to keep out pirates

EVERYWHERE in cartagena. even walking up to the fort
Fat LadyFat Lady
Fat Lady

apparently done by a famous sculpter. i dont get it...

21st March 2007

Tana, it is so wonderful to hear from you, and see all the lovely sights in Cartegena. I had no idea it was such a gorgeous city. All my images come from the news and they are not pretty. I am also delighted to hear that you will be coming home in a few weeks. I hope that you plan a trip to Columbia soon. I would love to see you and hear first hand accounts of your travels in person. Your mom and I would welcome the opportunty to make some of your favorite vegetarian dishes and chocolate desserts--whatever you have missed most at mealtimes during yout time in SA. Jane
21st March 2007

Fat Lady
Is it Botero? He always does fat people. Looks like you're (almost) back to civilization! Start counting down til the Gyu!
21st March 2007

Cartagena look beautiful!
Tan, Looks like you hit some real nice property -- pretty and probably more people than wild animals. The pictures are beautiful. I'm sending you an email too. Take care Love, Mom
22nd March 2007

Damn, girl--imagining you back in the States is actually a little bit of a stretch right now!!! I like the fat-chick statue--back in the day, that was considered sexy. Just my rotten luck to be born NOW.... Is it my imagination, or are they a little hooked on the concept of "old" i Cartagena? "Old" Town, "Old" Shoes...when you go to the store do you find "Old and Improved Tide with Bleach"? (And what would that even be in Spanish, anyway?) Okay, I'm done--keep me posted and plan a stop in Chi during your Return Trip World Tour '07...
22nd March 2007

Hi Tan-- Wonderful pictures, as usual!! Cartagena looks like a beautiful place. Everything looks like it has just been freshly painted and in such beautiful colors! It reminds me of rainbow row in Charleston. You do seem to be able to capture the soul of the places you visit. I hope you have time to send a few more blogs before you return to the states. Speaking of which, have you decided if you will be able to visit us here in Columbia? It would be so nice to see you again after all this time. Be safe-- Love, Dad
22nd March 2007

Soakin' up the sun
Hey Tana, I was glad to hear from you and that you will be home soon although I sure will miss your blog and all the beautiful pictures.It has been great to follow you on your adventures. How do you feel about coming home, mixed emotions? The weather here in Lexington is great, suppose to be 89 this weekend. Hope to see you when you come to see your Mom and Dad. Take care and enjoy!!!
22nd March 2007

Hot Damn!
Tana, Well, it looks like Cartagena was SO much better than Brazil! It has so many colorful buildings (old) and nice buildings (new). Drinks, nice food, beaches - must have been a great place to relax! Peanut thought the fat lady was you, but I told him I didn't think so! He said 'meeep' Thanks for putting the effort into keeping us up-to-date w/ you by doing your blog. It's nice to live vicariously through your eyes! Cheer up, you'll be back in LA soon. Kwirk
9th April 2007

better late than never?
hi - Sorry I've been absent the past few weeks. Things here have been wilder than usual. The buildings in Cartagena were so pretty with all those nice colors. If I ever have to live in town I want the houses to be painted like that. We have a 4 day old filly and she is doing well. Oh, and I have 10 ducklings and I'm loving having them. They are in the house still...... Happy Easter!

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