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June 15th 2009
Published: June 15th 2009
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Upon landing, we were greeted by classic Colombian weather, a thunderstorm with decent downpour of rain, lightning, nice and laud thunder. While at baggage claim, I was approached by Matthias, a German guy who had just finished his one year of social service (he had done it in Ecuador). He wanted to share the cost of a cab. Fine with me, always happy to cut costs. We were being met at the airport ... Read Full Entry

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Plantain with cheese and some sweet paste in the middle, all friend. Nice and healthy.
Llamas off the main squareLlamas off the main square
Llamas off the main square

vendor trying to get some photo op business. Stopped by the police
Pablo Escobar's gunsPablo Escobar's guns
Pablo Escobar's guns

some guns of the Medellín Cartel

18th June 2009

the hostel
Hey, what hostel did you stay in?
19th June 2009

Cranky Croc and Fatima
27th June 2009

Very well-written blog. I'm glad to hear that you felt optimism for this country, especially considering I'll be living there for the next two years. People where I'm from (U.S.) are so cynical about Colombia, so it was to get a bright light from your writing! Thx! :-)
27th July 2010

Great Story and trip
I'm glad that you had a fantastic trip and I'm happy that you got to experience Colombia to prove that it's not how people in other countries (especially the U.S.) portray it as. I'm American (but my parents are Colombia and Irish; interestingly). I've been to Colombia once (Bogota and Cartagena)...and I had a fantastic time. There were no problems. I only made sure to be safe when I walked around the poorer areas and area that are susceptible to being pick-pocketed. Just like every city, you have the rich and the poor areas. But I had a great time enjoying the Colombian culture, the food, and geography. It's too bad you didn't visit Monserrate on the top of the mountain..but maybe you will some day. The ignorance of Americans will probably never end but besides that, I'm glad that you had a fun and exciting trip.

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