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January 17th 2009
Published: January 17th 2009
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hamsters or guinnea pigs?hamsters or guinnea pigs?hamsters or guinnea pigs?

hmmm. is there a difference? Yes, guinnea pigs are tastier...
Due to the popularity of my picture of the hamster line up, I have decided to put up more pics so you can better understand this, one of Colombia's great mysteries.

As my sister said best,
"Don't keep all those hamster pictures to yourself."
Very well, I'll share...

So, it starts out that you see a lot of people standing around in a circle, in Bogota, in the Center. Naturally, you go to check it out. When you see these adorable hamsters, of course you have to smile, and nudge up closer for a better look, and to try to figure what the heck is going on.

After a few goes, you get the gist of it. The hamsters stand there huddled together, for Bogota is a bit chilly, and also maybe they're a big nervous...their big performance is to come. Which will be chosen?

What you have to do, is put your money on the bowl that the hamster is going to enter. How do you know which one? Just go with the hunch you feel in your chest, just go ahead. There you go, good. You put 100, 200 or 500 pesos, and you can
The Bowls of EntryThe Bowls of EntryThe Bowls of Entry

which one will the hamster choose?
win about four times as much, perhaps 75 cents if your are feeling really lucky, and brave. But I don't know, that's a lot to wager, 500 pesos, which is about 25 cents.

Then, once people place their bets, the hamster is chosen--sometimes even two of them at once! When it's two, it's kind of funny, one goes first, and the other follows close behind, very close, as in with their nose up the lead hamsters butt, for all I can discern...too bad I didn't get a pic of that. Next time...

Well, the hamster goes and chooses the bowl, and somehow I'm always wrong! But, I've never been a very good gambler. I remember when I went to the Monte Carlo in Monaco France, a pretty famous casino. After blowing a few euros in the slots there, I went back to the grocery store, because I was having better luck there. At least there for my euros I was getting grapes and stuff.

So, if you ever find yourself in Bogota, just go to the museum of gold, and near there, you'll find these hamster races, and if you're feeling luck, well, do you, punk?

Additional photos below
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thoroughly amusedthoroughly amused
thoroughly amused

you have to love this game....
Hamster Line-UpHamster Line-Up
Hamster Line-Up

which hamster will be chosen to seal the fate of your pesos?
bowls chosenbowls chosen
bowls chosen

I got my money on the red, how about you? If you get it right, you can win 4 times as much, maybe even 35 cents!
a hamster is chosen!a hamster is chosen!
a hamster is chosen!

Mr. Brown Hamster, you seal the fates of our future!
and the winner is number 8!and the winner is number 8!
and the winner is number 8!

Rats! Or rather, Hamsters! I've played a lot of times, but never won...
The Colombian FlagThe Colombian Flag
The Colombian Flag

well, that's just one of the things your missing in Colombia...

21st January 2009

I think what I said was...
"Don't keep all those Guinea Pig pictures to yourself!" because I'm pretty sure they are not Hamsters. Either way...totally awesome.
19th October 2009

I like this story a lot better than the other one about guinea pigs. These pigs aren't being hurt and they all are absolutely adorable. So they don't eat guinea pigs in Colombia? If not I might actually checkout that country but Ecuador I wouldn't go there if my life depended on it.

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