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June 30th 2012
Published: November 21st 2012
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Heading to the East

And following my journeys to the East of Antioquia, I then got to El Retiro, a nice destination that provided us with a short visit to the village and a lovely chocolate with arepas. The village, at only 35 kilometres from Medellin, is located near some of the towns I also visited like La Ceja and Envigado.

The architecture of the town is quite Spanish, lots of colonial balconies which give the impression of a very old village, with a very long history shown by its date of foundation, back in 1791. It is expected that if you go, you can feel freedom as El Retiro is known for being La Cuna de la Libertad. Your task will be to admire those colonial streets full of lovely facades and balconies which were quite awesome for me.

Although a bit too small, I think El Retiro has its own charm and by the photos I have seen of the village, they like partying and organising different events for tourists: They are quite concerned with the environment, that´s why some of the festivals are environment-related such as El dia del Medioambiente, ecological tours of the city, La Fiesta de Los Negritos, etc.

A coffeee, please

I went on a rainy day, which turned the village into a cozy venue, sitting in some coffeeshops was kind of nice. What struck me was the notices of many houses being advertised for sale, I guess that was the reason why I decided to pose on one of the facades.

Driving Smoothly

I have very good memories of the roads, and that´s the beauty of Antioquia, they have always being ruled by people who seem to love the regions and that´s why compared to other departments, like mine, Antioquia looks like 200 years ahead. But the reason is simple, there if people steal, it is not so obvious as in other places; I remember the road for my hometown appeared paved six different times on the government´s books and oh my God, they remained unpaved for so long and not suitable for vehicles. But anyway, it seems Antioquia´s people are quite demanding and there you have it, they profit by excellent infrastructures, something the whole country need to learn from them.

I heard that the village caters to adventurous tourists as it offers comfortable horserides which will take you to old roads.

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