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April 1st 2015
Published: April 12th 2015
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I will have to wait for the fog, the flying salt, the scattered sun, for the sea to breathe and breathe on me, because water is not just water, but a hazy intrusion, and the waves roll in the air like invisible horses. Pablo Neruda, 1904 – 1973. As Dave finished in Antarctica and Theresa finished in Northern Canada, one flew north and the other flew south. We met up at our thirteenth floor... Read Full Entry

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14th April 2015
Mural in Valpo

Lovely journey!
You've just visited some of my favorite places--Valpo and Neruda's home(s), the multicolored Quebrada de Humahuaca and best of all friendly Iruya perched in the mountains with its infinite places to explore. Hope you keep running into friends and enjoying magical moments.
15th April 2015

Hey D & T: Great to hear from you! Loved the photos of the street art! Lots of inspiration there...
15th April 2015

Between Worlds
Loved your explanation of the world between where you've come from and where you are. Fantastic concept. As you say a poetry of comparison that does not last for long. The city full of art work, the streets are alive. Ineed the small things.

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