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February 14th 2005
Published: June 26th 2006
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I rented a car in Santiago and drove over 3000 kilometers through the country. At my furthest point in the city of Castro on Chiloe Island, I was further south than anywhere in Australia, Africa and most of New Zealand. Why Chile? It is said: Arrieros driving the animals into the valleyStephen PaulNovember 15th 2009The Nursery of Arrieros, Mountains and Rivers-El Vivero del los Arrieros, la Cordi... Read Full Entry

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Normal House on Chiloe IslandNormal House on Chiloe Island
Normal House on Chiloe Island

This house was more common. Notice the Monkey Puzzle tree, and the other trees- They are identical to Cabbage Trees from New Zealand, Im not certain if they are a Chilean species or ornamentals from NZ. I do know Cabbage Trees are everywhere in California!
Ducks and LichensDucks and Lichens
Ducks and Lichens

No Penguins yet!
Lago Llanquihue (yan-key-way)Lago Llanquihue (yan-key-way)
Lago Llanquihue (yan-key-way)

The pier in Puerto Varas, also visible besides Osorno(2652 meters, left) are Cerro Tronador(3491 meters, center in the distance) and Volcan Calbulco(2003 meters, right)
Turquoise Rio PetrohueTurquoise Rio Petrohue
Turquoise Rio Petrohue

Lichens, Trees, Glacier Water
Volcan OsornoVolcan Osorno
Volcan Osorno

The Volcano rises over 8000 vertical feet over the surface of Lake Llanquihue
La Arena, near Puerto MonttLa Arena, near Puerto Montt
La Arena, near Puerto Montt

From here, a car ferry can take you to the beggining of the Carretera Austral
Puerto La ArenaPuerto La Arena
Puerto La Arena

Beginning of the Carretera Austral!

20th July 2006

Hi there. Great blog on Chile. I can't wait until I get there (finally!) next year! Keep up the good work.
1st September 2006

Great work!
Incredible photos Stephen, as usual. Your blog captured much of Chile's charm, great read!
20th December 2006

Spent some time on Menorca Espana. Fond memories. This is GOOD. Thanks again for posting it.
8th February 2007

Lindas Fotos
Felicitaciones por tus fotos.........muestran la variedad de paisajes de Chile¡¡¡¡
12th April 2007

Chilean women are great. All beautiful, friendly, and...truth be told, not at all "difficult". Untapped natural resource!
1st May 2007

thanks for the beatiful words about my country,i am from chillan,and i am glad u like my country, i like yours to ,right know i am living in sandpoint,idaho and i really miss chile,but i found your website and i saw all the pictures,makes me feel happy.
2nd May 2007

Mil Gracias
muchos gracias minedy! Me parece que Sandpoint esta una lugar majestuoso. Los Rocky Mountains esta unico para America, oajala que se gustarlo! Yo necisito mas tiempo alla tambien. Gracias otro vez, mas gallerias de mi ultimo viaje en Chile(april 2007) muy pronto!
23rd June 2007

What a well written and informative blog. Thanks, sincerely, for writing it.
4th July 2007

this is so good, thanks for this page n pic about my town : vilcun is my life n the mountains of the country thanks this makes me feel happy
6th April 2008

I'm jealous....
that you got to visit PN Conguillio. We were hoping for some up close volcano action but the park was closed (and is still closed I believe)
11th April 2008

chile is such a lovly place. i saw that u never had pictures of la laguna san rafael...did u not go and visit that? its such a lovly journy i did it...i come from chile and went back there in 2005 till 2007
11th April 2008

sin hielo
No I didn't visit the Laguna San Rafael! I'm saving it for a later time. :) It looks incredible though, I cant wait to explore all of the Carretera Austral Region someday!!
20th May 2008

carretera austral
The C. Austral is the best of all! Simply stunning! Take your time. Don't speed by all that beauty! take care al
3rd July 2008

Awesome blog, thank you for sharing it, I've to Chile twice and never took any pictures just admired it, if you ever go back to Chile, northern chile inlands has some great parts specially Iquique.
10th July 2008

Fantastic blog!
Congratulations on such a wonderful, informative blog - truly inspiring ! (came across it whilst researching what to do during a 2-week holiday in Chilé).
27th July 2008

Thank you
I m Chilean, living now in the UK. I just would like to thank you for the nice comments you have made about my country,
28th July 2008

Love your blogs on Chile!
Went for the 1st time last year, going again this year and will be going again next year! Love the place and look forward to seeing the Chilean Lake District on my forthcoming trip! Happy blogging!
1st February 2009

Fantastic job !!!
Hi Steve, just wanted to thank you for all your beautiful pictures of Chile, I'm also Californian like yourself, my wife is from Casablanca Chile, inland from Valparaiso about a half hour. She's there now with her family on vacation..... I lived in chile many years ago and loved it,, the people are wonderful as is the food and the country.. Some day I will probably retire there as it is too expensive here in the USA. Once again beautiful work on your trip and I hope it went great with your gal-pal, the women there are unique and witty... Thanks again.. Wayne.
9th February 2009

Not chilly in Chili
Our son and 3 friends arrived in Santiago Feb. 6 and are now in Temuco visiting fellow Canadians who spend the Canadian winters in Chile, growing canola crops. Found your website..very informative, beautiful pictures, and releived some of our concerns about their personal safety about backpacking/hostelling their way through Chile, then Bolivia. Peru..eventually ending up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, before they fly home on May 1. We live in Winnipeg, Canada, smack dab in the middle of the country..we had -40 degree weather here last week (doesn't matter if it's Fahrenheit or Celsius..it's the same..COLD...that's what they left behind and arrived in Chile to 86 F ...that's okay...we've got 38 F, +3C today..any advice for 4 adventurous 20 yr old Canadian boys backpacking Chile? Great site, Bruce
29th October 2009

nice photos
thanks for the nice photos. one can feel the beauty and the charm of the land from those. keep it up. wishes.
27th October 2010

Sierra Nevada
I am Chilean, and I was looking for information about Sierra Nevada, We knows a lot of beautiful places in Chile, really beautiful, I would say that We are a bit adic to this, we are camps familiy, I was finding out when I discovered your photographies very very beautiful they were very useful, I think, we will go Sierra Nevada on summer, if you have suggestions, I would appreciate. Regards, Soraya
29th September 2011

Chile is a dream country
I born in Chile in a wealthy family, and after I graduate I work for a couple years.I want to buy a good nice home or make a trip around the world. My good friend from the time I was a little girl, she send me an invitation to visit to her and her family here on United Estates. She introduced who was the guardian angel help her family to start here in U.S.A. after 4 mo. I want to continue my trip. I plan to go to Brazil, South America. Mexico, Central America and Canada, North America. The last thing in my list was to come to U.S.A. I want to go to Europe, France, Germany, Spain and England. I went around the world with my husband and children, but I believe the natural beauty of Chile, the friendship of the Chilean people, it's something don't compare to any other country. And Chile always have been the #1 country in South America, but the jealousy, the envy of others countries, starting from United Estates, Argentina, Peru, Mejico and others countries. Make many people around the world; think we are a poor country, type of 3rd. world country. United Estates, in the goverment of Nixon, and Kissenger as Exterior Ministry, out of envy bombarded Chile, on Sept.11, 1971. U.S.A. and others don't want to see Chile be recognize as the best country in the world, but do you know what? After the accident with the miners, many newspaper and in the internet, recognize Chile as #1, the country with best economy in the world, the people with the best education, the social security and benefits for the Chilean people it's the best, compare with others country like England,and Holland. "Don't judge the book for the cover," we are a long ribbon of beauty, and beautiful people from inside out." Hurray for Chile!
6th August 2012

Hey this was really nice. I have been trying to decide where I want to spend a good part of each year for the rest of my life and I have been studying Chile. It looks really beautiful there and happy people sound good to me. Any recommendations? Thanks

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