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August 30th 2004
Published: August 30th 2004
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Well San pedro is a beautiful little town made out of mud way up in the north of Chile where the sun shines all the time
. I've been here for four days now and I love it here but tomorrow I'm off to Bolivia. This place was set up just for tourism because right next to it is "Valle de la Luna" - Vally of the Moon, which is amazing, a salt lake with Flamingos and there's also a whole heap of great mountain-biking downhills for those hardout types.

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The main street of San PerdoThe main street of San Perdo
The main street of San Perdo

Everything in this town is made out of mud, and apart from the town square which is just around the corner from this photo, there aren't any paved streets either. I felt like I was in a cowboy movie
Bit a bloodBit a blood
Bit a blood

I met this guy who's an absolute animal and works in a bike rental shop in the main street, and he was a bit bored so took me up to the "Vally of Death" for an awesome downhill. And it was great untill he hit a sandypatch, got flipped of his bike and cracked his head open on a rock. "Next time we should wear helmets" he tells me after getting stiched up in the local hospital - good idea mate.
The Vally of the Moon.The Vally of the Moon.
The Vally of the Moon.

This is just one part of it, it goes for ever and it really does make you feel like you're on the moon.
My little mate DanielMy little mate Daniel
My little mate Daniel

I found him having fun sending ciggarette butts through a drain under a driveway and waiting for them to come out the other side. He was one of my favorite Chileans.

16th April 2005

Lovely San Pedro de Atacama
Just wanted to say how much I loved San Pedro. If you go, definitely become friends with the people who work there. There is a vibrant international commnity of people who are drawn to this city. IF you're interested in seeing more photos, please check out my photos of San Pedro de Atacama at Cafe Chuck. - Chuck Walter
16th April 2005

Lovely San Pedro
great shot scaling the wall! Just wanted to say how much I loved San Pedro. The Valley of the Moon is breathtaking and is a great spot for personal reflection. And if you enjoy silence and space, there are areas just 30 minutes outside main san pedro where all you see is grasslands and a few llamas. but with a tranquility that is hard to describe with words. for more pics of san pedro, feel free to check out my pics from san pedro de atacama at Cafe Chuck.
17th May 2007

Horses in San Pedro
Although you may feel like San Pedro was like a cowboy town, an unfortunate law has just been more horse riding through the center of town. There are other laws which are on the books and should probably be enforced, also. Maybe this is an attempt to clean it up for the increasing amounts of high end tourists who are staying at the increasingly high-end hotel enclaves, like Explora and others. Cheers

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