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March 17th 2003
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: -55.9833, -67.2667

Back in 1981, my family and I were some of the first tourists (ever?) to actually land on Cape Horn. Didn't get to land today, which was not surprising. In fact, looking at the promontory, it's hard to imagine that we ever did land there. (But I have photos!)

We woke early to go up to the observation deck as we cruised by Cape Horn. It was very stormy. At one point, we decided to emerge briefly from the shelter, and it began to hail - very painful. We decided to go watch Cape Horn from the lower deck. This was much better, and by now there was a little light on the promontory. The captain sounded the ship's horn as we passed Cape Horn, then we reversed course (not too rolly when the swells were abeam the ship).

There were surprisingly calm, flat seas this morning. We returned to bed to sleep again until it was time for the "galley tour" - which wasn't much, as it turned out. We had a cooking demonstration in the theatre, followed by a quick walk through the galley (which was closed).

Paul and I did our promenade. With the sun out and following wind, it was quite warm. Then we showered, read, journaled - the usual day at sea activities. Won trivia for the second time, which was the extent of the afternoon's excitement.


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