New Years, gay clubs and yellow underwear

Published: January 19th 2013
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After a couple of days in transit in Santiago we headed down to Vina del Mar to celebrate New Years. Due to an indecisive member of our party we had booked our apartment quite late and therefore the choices were not the best. What we thought was an absolute find for a 2 bedroom apartment a 10 min walk from the beach with ocean views that would comfortably sleep 5 turned out to be a mass of false advertising. Let's just say that we learnt to appreciate our views of the hills and Jonathan and Rommel didn't mind practically sleeping on top of each other THAT much.

Although in my head I had pictured a week of relaxing on the beach and our rooftop pool, a thick fog meant that there was no chance of that happening and instead I amused myself with activities such as going to the movies and watching The Hobbit and searching for hats and streamers, as well as a pair of yellow underwear (in order to fully immerse myself in South American tradition) for New Years.

New Year's Eve was probably one of the best of my life. We went up to the apartment rooftop just before midnight to watch the amazing fireworks display over the ocean. At midnight everyone was setting of confetti guns and spraying fake snow. We ended up absolutely covered in random things. Shortly after midnight we all got separated and I managed to befriend a group of guys who were also staying in our building and they took me to a gay club. The club was absolutely huge! There were dancers and performances and the production of it all was absolutely amazing. Even better was that for once in all of my time in South America they did not play any reggaton at all and all of the music was my kind of music. Part of my outfit for the evening involved a plastic beaded necklace with a shot glass on the end of it. Needless to say towards the end of the night when someone poured some water in there instead of alcohol I practically wanted to marry him - pity he was gay.

I had a really good time over the 6 days hanging out with Matt, Jonathan and co. It was sad to have to go, but at the same time I am here to be a backpacker and lets face it, I hadn't been doing much of that lately. After almost two whole months, it was time to finally leave Chile.

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