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August 26th 2009
Published: September 7th 2009
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were i draw some sort of flashy excel chart then it woudl show a quirky purple line´s gradient gradually steapening as chilean life takes on. Superb final two months, complete with un poco español, a little bit of jessica by my side and muchos aventuras.

Post the week long winter adventure it was decided chilling out at near by beaches might be a better option, with teh bonus of 4 walls, mamma uno and a variety to the diet of much loved pan.

BUENO QUEQUE (in ingles means NICE ARSE)

took our cake baking skills to a new level and cooked over 200 queques de inglaterra, selling them at the local market (to continue our stream of luck it pissed it down however pity seems to motivate our chilean brathen to delve into their pockets for 100 cien (About 8 p) and purhcoise a delectable traditional butterfly cake) All in all we make 17,000 pesoes which is about 15 pound profit - and more than i earn in a day.

Follow this we were joinined by another niño de inglaterra, who was to replace jess when she departed for her pololo (man candy) and the sunshine of brazillia.
Lauren, 25, nice girl - arrived wednesday - wasn´t a fan of the cement factory or the need for an electric blanket - flew home 10 days later.

To comemorate the deaprture of jessica (and lauren) there was a grand fiesta at teh casa, mucho mas bailla (now a pro and throwing out the shapes on just a couple of fantas) and then a rousing game of singstar. Dont think have probably emphasises enough that chile really does have most of the modern commodities, except central heating, its just that minimum wage allows you to live but not save. well this is now realy out of date, have passed through peru and now in bolivia, see next blog for details of women´s wrestling and stabby jo big glove xx x


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