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December 12th 2016
Published: December 12th 2016
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And I am ready to

The end of this journey . I have really enjoyed Santiago and do recommend it to anyone . I have walked and walked for the time I was here and it has always been interesting and I have always felt

safe . The other day I climbed the stairs to the top of Santa Lucia and although I was a little winded I had no trouble with the climb . I am thinking that the physical exertion I have been through the last 4 weeks has been good for me ... although the good meals that are also huge portions has not helped my waistline.

Shirley asked about water shortages and it really is getting to be a crisis in Bolivia . The rains are overdue and the farmers and the cities that depend on the dams are suffering a great deal . One area of Las Paz city had not had water for 2 weeks while we were there. It IS a crisis . There is/was no snow in the Andes when we croosed them : Pili said there isn{t usually much but it is even worse this year .

Anyway ... I shall include some photos in the near future . I am looking forward to my own bed , bath , and closet full of clothing .

Talk with you soon .


12th December 2016

13th December 2016

What an adventure.
I enjoyed the rdescriptions of your travels. Made me feel I was travelling with you. A wonderful bucket list destination. Hope to one day enjoy some.of those experiences..Will reread again. It is warming up at home so good time to come back and enjoy family and friends at Christmas. All is well in Los Ayala. Weather is great and nice to visit with friends. Popped in to Rogers and he is keeping busy with his activities. We return to Calgary for Christmas and Valentines say to spend tome with family. Will keep in touch. Safe travelling home.

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