The National Historic Museum, Santiago and early tribes

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February 8th 2015
Published: February 22nd 2015
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After a good nights’ sleep I made my way to the National Historic Museum which had just reopened last Tuesday after being closed for 2 months. It was the best place to learn about Chile’s history.

I learned a lot about the Mapuche tribes in the Art Museum but here I learnt a bit more about the other tribes who lived in Chile alongside the Mapuche. They lived in different regions such as Chinchorro,Arica, Aymaras, Changos, Atacamenos, El Molle and Diaguitas. I find learning about their lifestyles fascinating mainly because they adapted their lifestyles so well to the geographical areas of Chile which they had inhabited. A lot of the museums in Santiago have shown the lifestyles of the indigenous tribes through displaying objects found in archaeological digs.


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