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October 15th 2014
Published: October 16th 2014
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Santiago street markets (feria) are twice a week in most of the barrios ('burbs) in the city. You will only ever live a few streets from one, and it's a regular chance to buy fresh veges, meat and seasonal produce, often straight from the grower. You get what's picked that day, and trade is brisk and goodheartedly competitive, with a fascinating cast of characters.

It's a social event as well, and lots of fun. We visit a few with Carmen, and she knows the stallholders and fellow shoppers, as they're her neighbours. She loves to show off her daughter and the odd gringo who carries the strawberries. It takes longer to shop because of the social connection and her laughter is infectious. Though I can't follow much of what is said, it clearly brightens everyone's day.

I think we've lost something in the mass commercialisation of our food.... except at a growers market, I can't remember last meeting a food producer. And shopping in a supermarket is never so colourful. Buy-local brings people together and they get more of what they need than just the nutrients.

Btw, bananas are 80 cents a kilo, the box of strawberries in the picture cost $10, and you get avocados by the kilo for 1800 pesos (about $4)...

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17th October 2014

got it at last. Glad that Pilar is feeling better. With all that lovely fresh food you should emerge very healthy.
Keep having a good time, Love Mum xx
18th October 2014

Farmers Street Market
Hi Wandrin Al, Caroline and I have just read this blog and its great, Good pictures and awesome writing. Our best regards Kangaroojack
18th October 2014

Kangaroo Jack
Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback, and love the way I could reject or accept it..... mmmmm I hope you are going well. How have you been? We have just woken up on our first morning in Punta Arenas on the Straits of Magellan..sounds wonderful, I always wanted to say something like that....

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