Speeding Things Back Up In Santiago

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March 16th 2014
Published: March 19th 2014
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I did not find Santiago to be a very tourist friendly city. Certainly it was clean with nice wide streets and sidewalks, but I don’t recall ever seeing a sign pointing towards something a tourist might find interesting. Even on the internet I was not able to find good information on the changing of the guard at the Palacio de Gobierno "La Moneda". What help is it when they say that it occurs eve... Read Full Entry

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On Top of San ChristobalOn Top of San Christobal
On Top of San Christobal

Why, oh why would they put and antenna right there?

19th March 2014

I can taste the ice cream....
OMG, I can taste the ice cream and hear you moaning about the scallops and veggies!! Maybe this means more to me given I haven't had that type of food in awhile!!! LOL! Glad you are enjoying your last days and are coming home soon. Can't wait to see you!!! Love you!
19th March 2014

I feel as if we're traveling companions, side by side, strolling about. The best part is I get all the funny tales, beautiful photos, and you pay for the entire trip! Miss you as much as I love you, great big bunches. Cheers.
21st March 2014

Tip Jar
Thank you so much Tammy. I am always so glad when people join me on my trips. I am going to ask Travel Blog to add a tip jar like Starbucks has to help subsidize our trips and so that I can keep on traveling. lol
20th March 2014

Oh yummy!!!!!! (The city sounds okay too!)
21st March 2014

Most interesting man in the world
I couldn't help drawing the comparison from your day to the commercials for the most interesting man in the world. To start your day with no breakfast and no coffee and end up in a movie and having the best meal of your or anyone else's life. How do you top that? Keep up the pace and surpass each day!
21st March 2014

Most intersting man
"I don't always travel, but when I do I make sure to squeeze every single drop out". Not sure how that happens, but I love that it does. Thanks for following and commenting.
11th May 2014

Good old Karma
I turn the page to the very next blog entry, and Karma turns up with a free walking tour! Was a bit disappointed when the protest turned out not to be for real, you could've got away with that one...... Nice 'happy once again' photo!!
12th May 2014

Karma isn't always bad
That walking tour really was a great find. You are the only person who really picked up on the carefully worded protest section. I wanted readers to feel that I truly was involved in something edgy like a real protest. It was a fun experience and honestly fun writing it like that. Thank you for your comments and keep Karma smiling.
4th February 2019

Enjoyed re-reading this one!
You had me at Dulce de Leche and Chocolate orange... We love to ride funiculars. You are doing some nice wandering. Scallops are one of my favorites and it sounds like those were cooked perfectly.
5th February 2019

A foodie day for sure
This was such a fun day. I hope you have a chance to enjoy some of these.

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