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March 28th 2005
Published: March 28th 2005
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¡Vamos...vamos Chileanos...esta noche tenemos que ganar!
So saturday night we went to Santiago to see the Chilean nacional soccer team play against Uruguay--competing for spaces for the World Cup in Germany 2006. I bought a Chilean track jacket for the game and I was ready to get mean! We got to Santiago and of course headed to get some piscola before the game - they dont sell alcohol anywhere that is within 10 blocks around the stadium ( can you imagine a south american team and a game where all the fans were drunk!) So we drank...and quickly before heading to the Stadium. The game started at 10pm but we had to get there at 6 to have seats. I was wondering what we were supposed to do for 4 hrs but believe me there was plenty of entertainment. I bought a Chilean flag on the walk - our friend had his flag hanging out his car window on the way to santiago, as did every other chilean and we pretty much drove the hr drive beeping all the way. I really wanted to paint my face but we didnt see anyone doing it! Finally I ran into a guy and it just so happens that he had paints, so Erinn painted my face for me. This all happened though just after I had been talking to my parents on the cell phone when a number of television stations ran up to Beth and I and started asking us questions..where else could they find gringas!!! ha ha. Anyways we were stoked cause they werent just chilean stations but large latin america stations so we could have been broadcasted all over south america. We had to wait in a huge line to enter the stadium but we had a blast, chanting along with all of the chileans. We entered and as we walked up the stadium literally everyone stopped and stared.....then the cat calling came..really it was just embarressing cause everyone was calling to us and staring even though we had gone with chileans..we were still the blonde gringas! We had an absolute blast at the game..even though we tied at the end 1 to 1. I have just never felt soo much energy in my life and the stadium was absolutely packed...with close to 70, 000 spectators. The military was there, surrounding the field..i mean seriously you just never knew what was going to happen. People had flares and fireworks that they would set up. It was just soo crazy to see sooo many people who shared a love of a game and a country.
¡Chi chi chi, le le le...Viva Chile!
So this will be my last entry, unless something really crazy happens, before I leave friday for my trip to Peru and Bolivia. So until next time, from Machu Picchu!!!!! Love to all. D


24th April 2005

Vamos Chilenos
Danielle, I remember the first time I heard that chant. It was 3 or 4 in the morning after a big game, and in the middle of the night in Concepcion I heard some noises outside. I looked outside and two guys were shoveling gravel into a wheelbarrow, taking it from a construction site. For 45 minutes it was two drunk guys singing "VAAAAAAAMOS, VAAAMOS CHILEEEEEEENOS, ESTA NOOOOOCHE, TENEMOS QUE GANAR" I wish I could have gone to a sweet game like you did! Sounds like a blast. - Austin

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