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November 13th 2009
Published: November 21st 2009
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Santiago SkylineSantiago SkylineSantiago Skyline

From Cerro Santa Lucia
The journey over the Andes from Mendoza to Santiago is spectacular, if it's not cloudy, but the day we picked was snowy, rainy and very cloudy so we didn't get to see Aconcagua :-(
When we got to Santiago the Chilean public sector workers were on paro, so the museums and some of the other places we've wanted to go have been closed - putain de merde. With a limited number of things to do we spent the first day wandering around Santiago which is a nice city, nothing really special but pleasant enough. One of the highlight places is the market which has a fantastic range of seafood restaurants, so at least we won't go hungry. On day 2 some of the public sector workers went back to work, but not those in the museums. What we could do, and did, was take the funicular railway up to Cerro San Cristobal. From the top you get a complete view of Santiago which is totally surrounded by mountains some of which are high enough to be snow capped all year, what you also see is the smog that gets trapped in the city because of the mountains, it's probably been the
Santiago SkylineSantiago SkylineSantiago Skyline

From Cerro San Cristobal
most polluted city we've been to on our travels.

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