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February 20th 2009
Published: February 21st 2009
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It may have been a death wish, but either way it was an experience! After some convincing by a group of Brazilians the night before, the five of us decided to get tickets for the Colo Colo vs. Sport football match. Colo Colo is one of Santiagos local teams and Sport is a team from the north of Brazil. We decided to sit with our Brazilian friends in the their section. We figured there would be more energy from the visiting team as they were not favored to win but came so far to see the match.

Colo Colo stadium is located close to the mountains that surround Santiago. The town is very residential, and there are no bars near the stadium. I guess its a safety measure to keep most of the fans under control. There is also no alcohol sold in the stadium.

For the most part, getting into the stadium was pretty orderly. Security was quick and easy. The fans of the visiting team are put into their own section of the stadium. No fans from the home team are aloud into the visiting teams section as it is fenced in by metal gates and surrounded by police officers in riot gear. Its pretty intimidating at first.

Just as we thought, the brazilian fans were loud. Louder at first then the Colo Colo ones! That quickly changed. Colo Colo took the pitch and all of the fans erupted chanting songs, screaming, setting off flares and fireworks. The team chants never stopped once throughout the entire length of the game. The fans kept clapping, jumping, banging drums, and whistling. It was incredible.

In the end Sport did upset Colo Colo by a score of 2-1. It came down to the wire, but Sport held them off. Following the end of the match security held us in our section for about forty minutes as the Colo Colo fans exited the building. Again, another safety measure to prevent any fights between fans.

It was an amazing experience. In no other sport have I ever experienced the kind of excitement and energy from a team and its fans. I am looking forward to getting back to Buenos Aires to check out a Boca Juniors game.

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21st February 2009

What happens if when they're not allowing you out till the others leave, you gotta go pee?
22nd February 2009

how was the tailgating?

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