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July 15th 2009
Published: July 15th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Yeah, Santiago is great so far. I'v only been here for two days but I love the city, It's a lot like being back home, I don't stick like the only white person, and restaurant and stores have change when you buy things. The only problem though is the hole currency thing. One US dollar is about 550 Chilean Pesos, which is a little complicated to figure out.
The subway is really cheep, 300 pesos, 470 during rush hour, but its clean, like really clean, so much better than NYC. Its also really crowded, though, all the time.
The city reminds me of New York a lot, just cleaner, which more construction, at least the parts of the city I'v been in, the old city might be a little different, only saw the edge of it when I went to my school today for round one of orientation.
Anyway, people are here, so I'll post photos later...


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