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South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz January 6th 2009

The boat docked in Punta Arenas in Chile, giving us the day to sight see. It´s quite a small place and we managed to see all that it had to offer, which took some doing as the wind there is really, really strong - 120 kilometres an hour! We also spent a bit of time at the post office trying to post back some of the cruise memorabilia that we had collected before it got crushed and bent in the backpack. Trying to find an envelope, bubble wrap, sellotape etc with our limited spanish tested Andy´s patience somewhat - the luxury of the cruise and not having to think for ourselves for 10 days meant that we really did seem to make a meal of it. The place where we stayed was really nice. The beds ... read more
Happy New Year to you!
Happy New Year to us!
Torres del Paine National Park

South America » Chile » O Higgins December 28th 2008

Travelled to Aunt Rosani's house in Rengo a couple days before Andy's arrival. She lives 2 hrs from the airport (as apposed to 7 hrs from La Serena) so we made the most of the good weather and the day before Andy's arrival I was punishing myself in this day picnic site, it definitely made the wait easier :). ------------------------------- Viajé a la casa de mi tía Rosani en Rengo un par de días antes de la llegada del Andy. Aprovechamos bien el buen clima y el día anterior a la llegada de Andy, me estaba castigando en estas piscinas, la espera se me hizo mucho más fácil... read more
The view from under my parasol - La vista desde mi quitasol
The pool - La piscina

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz December 19th 2008

Another wonderful day in paradise. Been reading the Times Colonist about the weather in Victoria. Boy am I glad we are not there. My thoughts are with everyone there and particularly my staff who I know must be having a terrible time. Here we have spent the day visiting wineries and sampling their wine. Pretty good all in all. Another wonderul hacienda for lunch and back for a awim and catching up on emails. Brian has bought a new hat!!! ... read more
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz December 18th 2008

So we have arrived in Chile at last. We left Toronto in a heavy snow storm that delayed us by three hours. The temperature plummetted to minus 9 degrees and a strong wind. We managed to get off the bground thnaks to a couple of deicing efforts and 10 hours later we arrived in Santiago to a beautiful 30 degrees day. C not F!! The sky was blue and the flower in bloom, it was liking going through the back of the wardrobe into Narnia, but in reverse. Canada has seemed like perpetual winter. We collected our car and drove to Santa Cruz in the heart if the Colaghua Valley. This is one of the premier Wine producing ares and is the name most often found on the bottles of wine we can buy in Canada. ... read more
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu October 22nd 2008

Pichilemu is another of those surfing meccas. Ever heard of Punta De Lobos? No nor me, but anyway after 4 hours on the bus we were there. It was like a ghost town, with tumble weed and everything. Pilchilemu is kind of like a Chilean Barry Island. It has a huge beach, with dubious cleanliness and certainly will never win a blue flag award. It is a small town with penny arcades and fruit machines, straight out of the 1970s. It has about 30 empanda shops and chips shops that sell bags of chips in about 20 different sizes depending on how much you want to spend. There are lots of ramshackled run down holiday properties. We had booked into a surf hostel. It was right on the beach and newly built and every room had ... read more
em 002
em 003
em 004

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu February 24th 2008

After nearly 2 months without a surf, it was time to get wet. We picked Pichilemu as our location due to its reknowned long left hand break. However our first impressions of the town were a bit underwhelming. We´d imagined sparsely populated golden sands, the creak of swinging hammocks and the odd straw beach umbrella. The reality was grey sands, grey skies, grey sea, sunbathers in coats (a la UK), 2 circus big tops, a fair and the whole population of Chile. Apart from the last bit we could be in Blackpool. We had a bidding war of accomodation when we got off the bus. The one we selected was a tiny 2nd floor cabana over looking next door´s version of ´The Good Life´ complete with chickens. We moved to ´Gustamar´ the next day, with a ... read more
A little horse
Sunset over Pichi
Getting away from it all

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu February 14th 2008

Well we left Mark and Mary in New Zealand on the Morning of the 5th February to go to the airport in Christchurch. Everything seemed to go swimmingly and we touched down in Auckland at 11.30am to change flights to our 5.30pm flight to Santiago Chile. We had some time to kill, so grabbed some food, checked emails, read papers etc, until at about 4.30pm, our flight disappeared off the board. About 2.5hrs later, after much confusion, we were bussed off to a hotel for night courtesy of Lan Chile. We reckoned they didnt have enough people for the flight, and they had just cancelled it to put us on the flight the next day. Anyway, it all worked out well enough. We had been quite tired, and it was nice to have a big room, ... read more
Santiagos outdoor Piscinas
Keeping an eye on things
Barrio Bella Vista

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu February 8th 2008

the last few days have been like a holiday, really hot weather!!! sun sand and sea!!! the first day here we went down to the beach in the late afternoon, and sunbathed and went in the sea!! which is the most minging sea ever its full of dead crabs, dead starfish and huge jellyfish and alot of them all!!! one jell fish was pulled up on the beach next to us that day, and it freaked me out a lil so everytime i went in the sea i wouldnt put my feet down at all, and i paniked everytime i felt something hit my foot, bloody entertaining for justin!!! and that evening found the cheapest and nicest chips ever!!! they have dfferent sized portions startng from 20p going up to 2quid, but like a 70p portion ... read more

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu February 5th 2008

went to vina!! alright there nice weather at first then, got cloudy! still nice place to stay!! not too many beggers there except weird gypo ladys that grabbed justin´s hand and started going on about some leaves, no idea what she was saying!!! it was a lot more expensive there, not the constant supply of 30p hotdogs like justin kept having in STA!! but still alot of panaderias, which sold pretty cheep bread!!! and nice bread!!! made the mistake of trying a completo absolute pill of shit!!! i really dont like avocado and they were packed with it!!! but took the whole day to move to pichilemu and just reminds me of cornwal, pretty chilled out, unlike cornwal unbelievably cheap!!! this random off hos face guy started talking to us on the beach and kept doing ... read more

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu January 8th 2008

Continua a dolce vita. Dolce fare niente. Há dias em que te sentes abençoado e que a vida é uma grande bençao. Apetece agradecer a Alguém. Beijos e Abraços para a minha familia mais proxima , sei que estao todos bem e assim posso estar eu bem tb tb beijos e abracos alargados a toda a familia que esta espalhada em todo o portugal e aos que estao em outras partes aos amigos todos em quem penso ( vao algumas fotos antigas. adorava botar algumas deste lugar fantastico mas ainda n as tenho)... read more
irmao de viagem
Nos e o Luke

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