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South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz April 3rd 2012

We arrived in the little town of Santa Cruz after a fairly short bus ride from Santiago and immediately got to looking for accommodation. Our tactic was for the girls to hang out in the palm treed plaza whilst I wandered around the town looking for somewhere for us to stay. Looking back at my plan, it seems I may have given myself a bum deal! Luckily for us, there was an information point in the middle of the plaza and so I went over to see if they had any recommendations. Fortunately, the elderly lady at the information point had the perfect place for us to stay and set about making the arrangements on the phone for me to go see this ‘hotel’. I was guided to the accommodation in Spanish and immediately thought I ... read more
Where the 'hauntings' took place!
Gotta love a Donald lamp!
Maria was BIG on photos!

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz March 23rd 2012

But first: written on the side of a local church: If you want to use the toilet follow the path, and then down the steps. Saw a begger with elephantitis today. First time I have ever witnessed that desease so close. Put all my bullshit into perspective. Gave him my change, which is very unlike me. Egyptian kama perhaps? So, have decided to spend the weekend in Santa Cruz. Have packed lightly and left passport at the house. My Spanish is coming along nicely thanks to Andy, but also his mum Victoria, who is very patient as I struggle along tripping over my tongue as I try to communicate with her. A most wonderful woman who runs the home and clearly has her hand gently on the tiller to support her husband Ivor and her children. ... read more

South America » Chile » O Higgins February 11th 2012

Puerto Montt is basically the gateway to Patagonia, the beautiful and rugged wilderness lands of Chile. We arrived in port on a cool and rainy Sunday and went with Les and Inge in their private van for a drive into the Lake District. The symmetrical Osorno Volcano was hidden under a layer of storm clouds. We took a hike in a rain forest next to a raging river. We happened upon a handicraft market in the resort town of Puerto Varas where locals were proudly displaying their homemade products. Everything from honey to wine and all things knit. Laguna San Rafael was a very pleasant stop. A modern and comfortable catamaran came right alongside our ship and we went on a three hour ride to the glacier. We've been learning all about these wonders of nature. ... read more

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu September 1st 2011

The next chapter of our journey starts in Pucon right in the heart of Southern Chile. It's a very touristic town at the lake Villarica and close to a Vulcano, also called Villarica! The view is really impressive and also staying in tourist trap has its benefits, as there are European style supermarkets, nice restaurants and English speaking people. A visit to the famous Huerquehue National Park was also dedicated to our motto "mucho, mucho nieve"! This time though we didn't get stuck with the car on the way up. We aslo did a guided tour to some vulcano caves which was hm...yeah when you grew up in Austria you have seen more breathtaking caves, but the fact the they were vulcanic still made it worth it. All in all we had some quite relaxed days ... read more
Lago Villarica
Ojos de Caburga
National Park

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu April 6th 2011

So we set off aiming for Pichilemu, a coastal town a few hours south of Santiago, which is famed for holding the world surfing championships. The first trip to Villaricea and then to the next town was relatively esy. We then got off at the bus company's coach depot and found out that we neede to be on the other side of town for the buses going in the direction we wanted. After some garbled directions we eventually got a 'collectivo taxi' which reminded me of the ones in Ghana, more due to the concept as opposed to a reflection on how it was driven or the upholstery in the back. We arrived at the main coach station and made some enquiries. We boarded the late 1pm bus and were told that this would drop us ... read more
Some bad ass Surfer!
Trying to keep warm in the surf!
Pelican Alley!

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu January 26th 2011

Day 8 All aboard the bus.. early rise in Valparasio to catch the 6.30 bus back to Santiago to meet up with the Pacamama tour for 9am which we will be with for the next 2 days. Ivan who is from Villarrica will be our guide along with Daniel the driver, we are also joined by 3 Aussies (Ryan, Lisa, Ali) 2 Germans (Lars, Claudia) and 1 Irish (Lisa). First stop is the tiny town of Pomaire to allow us the chance to see a true traditional Chilean town where they sell lots of pots! Would be great to purchase but too heavy for our already overladen rucksacks. Then onto Pichilemu, which is a small, sleepy surf town. We arrive at our multi-coloured hostel (Hostel Bahia)and head out to the beach to kick back on the ... read more
Stinky Starfish
The Team at Cani

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu January 7th 2011

Isla Negra - Aus Faszination an Neruda besuchen wir auch sein "Sommerhaus" an der "Schwarzen Insel" (die genau genommen gar keine Insel ist). Ein beliebtes Ziel für Tagesausflüge, sieht es doch recht selten 3 Europeas 3 Nächte lang am Strand campen. Wir kamen bereits nach Dämmerung an und entschieden uns kurzerhand, unser seit Langem mitgeschlepptes Zelt am Strand aufzustellen. Gott sei Dank kamen die Wellen, die das Erdbeben am Sonntag, dessen Epizentrum in Temuco lag, verursachte, nicht zu uns heran. Sonst wären wir nun etwas näher an Rapa Nui.... Am Abend gingen wir in die einzige Dorfkneipe, wo wir das Nationalgetränk Pisco Sour in allen erdenklichen Varianten probierten (nur, um die in die Knochen kriechende Kälte zu vertreiben, versteht sich!) und trafen dort auf die Dorfjugend! Carmenluz Zickendraht (ja, so heißt das Mädel wirklich!) und ihre ... read more
nerudas ewger blick aufs meer
empanadas mit meeresfrüchten!

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu July 24th 2010

Pichilemu: mar, cielo y rock n´roll... read more

South America » Chile » O Higgins February 4th 2010

It’s the end of the road for us! All good things come to an end or so we thought but the Carretera Austral had one last thing to throw at us. The road divides near the bottom of Chile and we had to decide where we stayed, the community of O Higgins or the remote outpost in the Chilean Fjords of Tortel . Both places were the end of the road. We chose Tortel. Not sure how to paint a picture of this place..... It rains 330 days a year, with mists, mountains all around and a car park at the top of a cliff as there are no roads down or in Tortel. The dwellings hang from the sides of the steep sides and access is from wooden walkways, there are 7 km of these ... read more
So a bit goes through the forest
Hey Simon will you carry my case  when we come back?
These long old runs are more like a skading ring with the wood rain combination

South America » Chile » O Higgins February 1st 2010

Hola All We are now as far South as the road goes in South Amerca and Chile and communications are realy shocking, not only with the internet but our language with the few locals we meet. Simon is convinced if he talks slowly with a O on the end of everything they understand..... OH NO . It just gives me the giggles, all made worse by everyones confused expression. So we have got ourseves in a few tricky situations, like they all think we are gay. Simon trying to say we are not homosexuolo and want Doso bedyoosos just leaves me crying with laughter which only confuses the localas even more. Then he does it all over again in half speed convinced facial and hand expressions will claify any confusion!!! Typing from a bar computer made ... read more

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