The Cypress Forests of Mediterranean Chile

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November 1st 2009
Published: May 3rd 2010
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I waited 3 years to see the magical conifer forests of Central Chile. My guide Cote arranged 4 Days on Horseback with Don Angel and his niece Lucilla. A true Huaso, he even makes his own ropes and saddles. One saddle was made of alternating layers of burlap, wool and Guanaco skin! We rode deep into the heart of the Mediterranean High Andes where giant Quisco cactus give way to groves of Austroced... Read Full Entry

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Lone RangerLone Ranger
Lone Ranger

Austrocedrus chilensis with Puya (alpestris?)
Un poco a todo!Un poco a todo!
Un poco a todo!

Cipreses, Chagual, Rio Cipreses, Cerro Chile-Japon and in the distance- the cone of 4850 meter Volcán Palomo!

4th May 2010

Wow, Great photos!!! I just can't wait to see Chile this summer - may be not the same area. I really enjoyed your blog! Thank you for shearing! Marie
6th May 2010

Starting to develop a real interest in this amazing country,to be honest I didn't know that much before I started following your writings! Thanks for sharing your experiences, you've got some spectacular and breathtaking photos there.
6th May 2010

Many Many
thanks Marie! All of Chile is gorgeous- well maybe some parts more than others. :) TinNiE, I love your blogs! As always thanks to MercuryCatcher... you should definitely make a joint trip to Distrito Lagos/Pucon... youll love it!
5th November 2010

An excellent article supported by dramatic photography. My congratulations.

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