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After a full-on couple of weeks, our first day back in Santiago was a rest-day and, for me, a chance to catch up on the blogs. I edited and posted all of the Antarctica and Falklands blogs during the day, but generally just stayed in the hotel room and took it easy. Dad did similarly, although he’s not blogging, he is writing a journal and he spent the day getting it up to date. We did, however, have something to do on Sunday night. My travel agent, Vanitha, had insisted we book for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel called Bocanariz. I thought it was because of the food so, not being a foodie, I wasn’t all that excited. Although during Sunday I finally got around to googling it and discovered it was essentially a ... read more
The Vineyards

PATAGONIA ICEFIELDS 4th February Amalia Glacier5th February PIO XI Glacier After leaving Punta Arenas we sailed out through the Magellan Strait passage towards the Pacific Ocean. After passing the Island Evangelistas we turn into Nelson Strait, then onward through the Sarmiento pass into the Amalia fijord. Both the glaciers in the icefield are part of the largest reserve of fresh water after Antarctica and Arctic. Amalia Glacier, also known as Skua Glacier, is a tidewater glacier located on the edge of the Sarmiento Channel. The glacier originates in the Southern Patagonian Icefield. From 1945 to 1986, its terminus retreated 4.3 miles being, along with the recession of the O'Higgins Glacier, the most dramatic retreat of the glaciers of the mentioned icefield during that period. The glacier partially surrounds Reclus volcano and erodes the northern flank of ... read more

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