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South America » Chile » Maule » Talca February 8th 2015

Talca, chile... En la mañana salimos temprano de curico hacia Talca, de donde tomaríamos el bus que en 9 horas nos llevaría a Valdivia, famoso pueblo costero en el sur de Chile... El camino nos ha mostrado que una cosa son los planes y otra lo que el destino le tiene a uno marcado... Finalmente nos convencimos de visitar el sur de Chile y ver esta parte del continente... Sin embargo, en la temporada alta es difícil encontrar cupos en los buses y por eso no encontramos pasajes para hoy, tendremos que volver a curico, pasa otra noche con Romina y José y regresar mañana al terminal ya con los boletos comprados.... Ayer fue el día en el que nos recuperamos físicamente de la caminata que hicimos en el parque nacional de altos de lircay, el ... read more
El enladrllado
El Enladrllado

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca February 2nd 2015

Curico, Chile. Partimos de Arica a las 8 am con destino a Santiago, 32 horas de viaje en un bus muy semejante a los de Colombia, sorprendente encontrar que los buses y precios bolivianos son mucho mejores que los chilenos.... El destino nos condujo en un largo trayecto de desierto interminable a la izquierda ya el mar pacífico a la derecha, muy hermoso y raro paisaje que no incluye nada verde... Durante el recorrido paramos en dos ciudades por unos pocos minutos: iquique y Antofagasta, sitios que inexplicablemente aparecen como oasis gigantes en medio del árido desierto....fueron unas cortas páradas apenas suficientes para ir al baño, internet a Colombia ( con mi padre enfermo en el hospital han sido preocupantes los últimos 10 días de viaje) y estirar las piernas por unos pocos minutos.... En los ... read more

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca July 10th 2012

Well – I thought that last week was my last trip to Talca, but like many other times here in Chile, my expectations were unfulfilled. As I am here in Chile for over 3 months, I have to obtain a visa. The program that I’m with helped me start the visa, but they certainly don’t help finish it. I hadn’t heard anything official about my visa, and the paperwork I did have was expired. I began to imagine showing up at the airport in a few weeks only for them to say I can’t travel. So, I asked around, and the first 3 people I asked did not respond. I finally was able to find some counseling on what I should do from the people in Santiago. They advised me to go to Talca – where ... read more

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca July 2nd 2012

I’ve been working with the 2nd year class on a self-introduction which ends, “In the future, I hope to ____.” We went over a variety of options for this: occupations and desires for the future, and I asked them to fill in the blank. The next class, when I looked at their notes, many had neglected to fill in the space. First I thought for not paying attention, but the more I asked individuals, “What do you want for your future?” only to be greeted by a blank stare, the more I realized that many of these kids do not have desires for their future. What I thought to be a very basic practical skill lesson uncovered some deeper truths for me. Many of these kids are indeed poor, so I hear. Luckily I cannot tell ... read more

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca June 28th 2012

Stormy Weather and a Daring Rescue Torrents of non-stop, winter rain and howling horizontal winds had pelted the valley for five days. Don't go to the Tricahue River Lookout," Dimitri warned me. "The water is coming over the bridge and a woman was washed away and drowned there last year."Water washing over the bridge--I've got to see that," I thought. I bundled up but within minutes, my extra-strong Dutch poncho and my boots were soaked, and I would be squishing up trails that had become creeks. I whistled and up came running Bacan (Chilean slang for "cool"), the wise, terrier/spaniel mix and Cachay (slang for "Get it?") the young, not-yet-always-getting-it, black Labrador. They yipped and danced as we headed out for adventure. The pups and I hiked up to the cement slab bridge, where the river ... read more
my fave pyramid mountains
sunset foothills--trails in all directions
Volcano Descabazada (Headless)

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca April 23rd 2012

I traveled to Talca again this weekend, but I spent most of the time at Cody's house with him and the others who live in Talca. I sucessfully took the micro (bus) by myself and found the place. Walking toward the house, I ran into him and Valeria coming from her house. We spent the afternoon planning and shopping for our great feast for the evening. Valeria, being from a Mexican family prepared quite an array of Mexican foods: refried beans from scratch, seasoned ground beef, and roasted tomato and pepper salsa from scratch. I prepped a lot of the vegetables and put together the guacamole which turned out delicious I must add! Cody - our sole man - did some grilling outside: corn - fresh from the family's farm, zuchinni, onions, and sausages. Justine brought ... read more
Homemade cookies!
Hiking the Cerro

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca April 8th 2012

Slept in finally!! Later, Maria Gloria and I went to the Feria, or farmers' market of sorts. Here in Conti, it is set up every day, every season. It was full of interesting foods and things for sale. Lots of fruits and vegetables including the biggest celery I have ever seen in my life! Like 2+ feet long and very full. We traveled to Talca again for the weekend and this evening, grandma and two daughters sat around the table chopping and trimming one such celery stalk. It probably took them a half hour to do it. On our way home from the market, we stopped by the little corner store next to the apartment that sells fresh bread. I couldn't resist trying a roll because the smell permeates the air, all the way up through ... read more
Maria Gloria y yo en la playa
Down to the river

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca April 1st 2012

Awoke early to go to church with Maria Gloria and 3 other women in the family. It was finally much cooler outside which turned out not to be the best thing because for this special day, we began the service outside at a circular gathering area with a few benches in the middle of town. Around 100 people were there as we began the service with rosemary, olive, and palm branches waving and singing to a chorus of 6 guitars. We then proceeded to march and sing towards the church building that we crammed full. I continued to enjoy the music in the service. The speaking is still a little difficult for me to understand. Come to find out though, the priest is Brazilian and he has spent the past year here in the church and ... read more
an orderly closet

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca March 31st 2012

Absolutely amazing! After a week and a half of orientation over which all 50 of us travel bugs became closer than we could have ever imagined, everyone parted ways. I left the hostel with several others- that is Cody, Valeria, Kirby, Justine - around 12:30 today and then took the bus to Talca. Coming into town we could see earthquake destruction and a bit of a rundown appearance. The area has greenery but it's also a bit dusty too. It wasn't quite like driving to Bishops. I exited the bus and soon after I received a greeting, "Emelia?" and Maria Gloria was the first one to find me. Warm and friendly, it was a great first encounter. The Spanish came pretty freely between us, and I was very surprised. Soon after, I met Francisca, my "sister." ... read more

South America » Chile » Maule » Talca March 25th 2012

First, I am not in Talca, but Curico. It is so far off the blog and gringo trail that I cannot find its location to list. So, off to the fiesta in Curico around 50 mins south from Santa Cruz. The owners of weekend and wine/hostel puerto Lindo 134 Oakpass/Ruble are quite lovely. They speak no English but with my limited Spanish told them what I wanted to achieve this weekend and once they got it, it was plain sailing. So, bus to Curico. Riding through the vineyards of Chile on a public minibus, grapes to the left and right as far as the eye could see. As I said, Curico itself is well off the gringo trail. A normal working town, very grey and not much to report. The whole town square had been taken ... read more

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