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South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine March 16th 2015

If we still needed anything to detach from work then our hiking in Torres del Paine did it. A wonderful park with mixed weather and beautiful sights! When we arrived in Puerto Natales a bit past midnight, we did not have a place to stay yet. Luckily we slept an hour or two on the bus so we were fit to find one. Walking around the dark streets of mostly residential neighborhoods we knocked on any door that said Hostel, of which there were quite a few. Full, full, full. After a bit over half a hour we found a nice place though. Ricardo, the owner of the hostel didn't seem to mind the late hour and elaborately helped us with suggestions of how to best go to and hike in Torres del Paine. The two ... read more
First climb with the heavy backpack
Perfect camping spot
On the way to Las Torres

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 16th 2015

After taking a bus from El Calafate into Puerto Natales Chile we began to prepare for our first trek. After buying all our nescessary supplies and having a last dinner and beer, we set off the next morning into Torres del Paine national park. We decided to tackle the 140km "Q" circuit which should take us about 9 days. There is definitely a real sense of freedom and independence when you walk into the wilderness with your home (tent), food, clothes and bed on your back. Sandra, it must be said, was a little apprehensive having not done anything like this before. Her longest camping experience to this point was a 2 day canoe trip a couple of years ago with my aunt and uncle. She was fantastic, she handled all the hardships, her pack and ... read more
Our new home!
Glacier streams

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 15th 2015

We arrived in Puerto Natales late and treated ourselves to dinner at url=, a delicious blend of African flavours with typical Patagonian dishes created by the Chilean husband/Moroccan wife owners. We explored the town the next morning and picked up some critical supplies for our days trekking the Torres del Paine National Park: gas, a good thermos, plenty of wine and 10 packets of 2min noodles. After an afternoon of souvenir shopping and sending messages back home to loved ones we left Puerto Natales and drove to the entrance of Torres del Paine NP. Torres was one of our top highlights for the trip and it was with great excitement that we approached our time there. Entering the park towards sunset meant... read more
Huemul (endangered deer) spotting, as featured on the Chilean coat of arms
Glacier Grey
Salto Grande waterfall looking towards the French Valley

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 23rd 2015

Strange are the ways you meet people, I went to a workshop to have my bike looked at and there was a Mexican bloke I had previously met in the harbour in Baires and a Swiss guy. Alejandro and Werner my new traveling companions, we shared a dinner and a room for the night= cheap=good! The next morning we went off to see the famous Torres de Paine a national park in Chile with some mountains and not anything more, now we sped of towards Puerto Natales were we had some lunch and got some Chilean pesos changed into dollars for the future change into Argie black market pesos, quite favourable. Had a sandwich with mashed avocado, yummy and then on to the park. Soon enough we started to see the mountains, a perfect day without ... read more
20150121_170035 (3)

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 22nd 2015

We leave our luxury lodging in Cerro Sombrero and set of on the no so bad gravel road, once we're past the road works the going gets good, after a while you get confidence and start going faster, and no doubt about it Chilean gravel beats Argie ditto easily, it's cold and miserable but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Th Chilean ripio was good and we got to the border on fumes and lo and behold they had petrol. A quick stop in Rio Grande, allegedly a city of dreams, night mares, a 1/4 dozen empanadas later saw u on a icy run down to Ushuaia from now on known as U. About a 100 km from U in Tolhuin the flora changes, suddenly there are trees higher than shrub or grass ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 14th 2015

8 janvier 2014 - Jour 83 Aujourd'hui nous passons (à nouveau) la frontière du Chili pour nous rendre à la ville de Puerto Natales, qui sera notre point de départ pour le trek de 5 jours au parc national Torres del Paine. Cette fois je n'ai insulté personne à la douane parce qu'ils ont un scanner pour contrôler les bagages. Mais malgré ça on perd toujours un temps de folie à faire ces formalités qui pourraient être réglées en 2 minutes s'ils se mettaient à l'ère informatique, bref... Arrivés à Puerto Natales, on se rend immédiatement à l'agence que nous avions contactée par mail pour notre trek afin de remplir les documents officiels et pour qu'ils nous remettent les cartes, itinéraires, etc. Nous avons choisi une formule auto-guidée où nous devrons donc suivre seuls les sentiers ... read more
Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine
Manque les skis

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine November 28th 2014

Promptly at 6AM on Friday morning, we met in the hotel Lobby to check out and go in to breakfast. As it was during my previous trips, the breakfasts consisted of an orgy of foods too extensive and varied to describe. In this particular instance, they had smoked salmon with cream cheese and all the trimmings, in addition to the cold cuts, cheeses, every type of bread, water crackers, pastries (including cake), a large assortment of fruits and a couple of different kinds of scrambled eggs. I thought that having Happy Hour foods for breakfast was brilliant. I had Mango juice. Brilliant! I ate until I felt guilty, but was glad later on in the day, since our dinner that night was again late in the evening, and we had only some snacks during our long ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine October 25th 2014

I'd read other traveller's accounts of Torres del Paine, and so expected a lot of this remote Pategonian national park with its towering granite massif, exotic wildlife, fields of ice and snow, glaciers calving into crystal turquoise lakes, fast flowing rivers, powerful storms and biting winds, and a hardy horse culture at the far end of the Americas. Pristine Torres del Paine is all these things and some more..... ahh, how the temptation is to launch into superlatives.... Like all vast wilderness areas it makes you feel small yet somehow connected, daunted yet somehow reassured. Like the Kimberley in Western Australia or the Great Barrier Reef, it feels like I was emersed in something magnificient. We spent 5 days in the park, staying at the Rio Serrano Hotel, directly to the south of the massif, and ... read more
Red fox (Zorro) at dawn
The towers (Torres) del Paine
Guanaco, food for just about everything

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine October 19th 2014

Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine National Park, a beautiful road trip through southern Patagonia. We were so lucky, the weather on Saturday was as spectacular as the scenery, warm and sunny in the car but with a reminding bite from the wind when we got out to take photos. The journey took 3 hours north across the pampa to Puerto Natales where we had lunch beside a sparkling lagoon with snowy mountains behind. The local kids looked pretty excited by the building of a new skate park, and there was some impressive public art beside the water. Puerto Natales is a port town which services southern Patagonia, and is launching pad for Torres del Paine National Park. Soon after we left town we caught sight of the towers and they are impressive, even from a ... read more
Torres del Paine
The road to Puerto Natales

der tag beginnt noch strahlender, wolkenfreier als gestern und hebt damit die stimmung noch etwas an. der perfekte tag, um den berühmten parque nacional del torres de paine zu besichtigen. natürlich hätten wir gerne mehrtägige wanderungen dort unternommen, aber wir haben schon beschlossen, einmal im chilenischen sommer wieder zu kommen und unter dem torre grande zu campieren! schon vor dem park sehen wir erstmalig alpakas (oder waren es lamas?!), wie sie uns mit ihren großen kugeligen augen mustern und für ungefährlich einstufen. wir dürfen ihnen recht nahe kommen ohne, dass sie aus ihrer andächtigen gras-fresserei aufschrecken. riesige schafherden, umgeben von treuen hunden und berittenen hirten, auf der weitläufigen pampa, sind ein beruhigender anblick. eindrucksvoll sprintente nandus vollführen am rande der straße ihre wettläufe, während große greifvögel ihre bahnen ... read more
me gusta!

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