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March 22nd 2013
Published: March 28th 2013
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We wake to a beautiful day, an absolute contrast to the day before. We have spectacular views to the mountain ranges surrounding us, and realise why it was so cold the night before; there is an enormous glacier which the wind was blowing across straight onto the campsite. There is also small icebergs floating down the river. It seems that the cold i finally shook off a few days prior has come back with my ears blocked and my throat raging. Luckily, it is an easy walk today, 9km to Campamento Los Perros, as tomorrow we have a killer of a day.

It is a steady climb out of the camp site through a pretty forest, with great views back towards the glacier. After reaching the peak it is a meandering walk through a beautiful forest with numerous creek crossings, and big patches of mud. We walk at quite a leisurely pace taking it all in. Every now and then the canopy opens up and the mountain range towers above us with deep blue sky above it.

After around 3 hours of walking through the forest, we have to tackle a small mountain made up of boulders and rocks. At the top of the mountain we are greeted with a small glacier running down a bigger mountain into a lake that is feeding the river that we have been criss crossing all day. Then it is a short walk to our campsite for the night, nestled amongst the trees, and next to a larger river that is barrelling through the valley.

We setup camp, and head down to the river to soak up the sun, and ice our feet in the frigid water. You can only last about 5 seconds before you have to pull your feet out, and the skin burns and the muscles cramp for minutes afterwards. But it helps relieve the stresses that the feet have been under, as well as give them a wash...

Dinner is cooked by the river, and its real gourmet tonight, mushroom soup with dehydrated potato mixed through it, producing a consistency not to dissimilar to something that would pass through ones body.

Once again, the temperature drops quickly, and we are in our tents by 7.30.

Additional photos below
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Mountain forged by glaciarsMountain forged by glaciars
Mountain forged by glaciars

not sure if you can see on the downgraded photo quality, but the mountain has layers and layers of various rock forged together by glacial movement
Glacier feeding the lakeGlacier feeding the lake
Glacier feeding the lake

which then feeds the river
Mojo taking in the viewsMojo taking in the views
Mojo taking in the views

In the centre of the photo is the pass we need to climb tomorrow, some 800m above us...
Mike taking in the viewsMike taking in the views
Mike taking in the views

Behind him is the valley we walked through today
Mojo thinking its funny to splash MikeMojo thinking its funny to splash Mike
Mojo thinking its funny to splash Mike

Mike not thinking it so funny

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