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January 25th 2013
Published: January 25th 2013
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Just after Christmas 2011 we arrived in Puerto Natales ready to don our rucksacks once again and enjoy the wonders of one of South America's most famous national parks: Torres del Paine. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we arrived at the gates only to be told that a large wildfire had engulfed a large portion of the park. We turned back without being able to walk so much as a hundred metres of To... Read Full Entry

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26th January 2013

How busy were the camp sites?
Hey Will, great set of blogs from SA - I'm planning a trip in the near future, so I'm finding them both entertaining and informative. I was wondering if I could bother you with a question: How busy were the campsites during your trek? If I make it down to TDP, it would be a last-minute side trip, and I'm wondering if it is possible to do the trek, staying at campsites, w/o making reservations. Cheers, - Kevin
26th January 2013

I've been to some spectacular vistas...but Torres del Number 1. We were lucky with the weather...many I know not so. Congrats on returning and experiencing it in its splendour...bit like rectifying a regret...well done!
29th January 2013

So where/what is "the best dish in Chile"?
Just wondering where you found that dish? I'm hoping you'll say it's something you found in Natales so I can indulge after my Circuit trek!
2nd February 2013

Congrats on taking a second chance!
Great photos and prose, as usual, and what a fine place to end your adventures! I´m imagining that pre-dawn, mist-shrouded walk was to the Torres (I´ve heard that story before). I spent a week in P. Natales in March 2011 waiting for a break in the raging storms, so I could do the W. Instead, on the one day of light rain, I took a bus tour (where we also never saw the Torres) before the storms returned. So happy that you got to do the trek. As the I Ching saws, "perseverence furthers."
8th February 2013

Torres the great
Torres is our number one experience of travelling around South America. Sitting eating a stale sandwich above the Grey Glacier was actually my number one feed on this trip. So glad you got to get back there and experience it, and to write up a great blog about it. Hard to convey the beauty in words but i think you have nailed it superbly.....great work.

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