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March 4th 2012
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OK, last we left you we had enjoyed a day on the isle of penguins! Now, in El Calafate, Argentina, it is time to catch back up on the blogging.

We bussed from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales. On the ride we saw flamingos, some ostrich like bird and lamas. We also finally saw the millions of sheep that the region is famous for. The chilean countryside is incredible. Open, lush, small lakes and small brush. On the ride to Puerto Natales we realized we didnĀ“t need to spend a night in the town and instead could transfer busses and get to the park that afternoon. It turned out to be a great decision. Sarah grabbed food at the grocery store (more on that funny story in a minute), while I waited with our backpacks. An hour later (grocery lines are ridiculous) and two friends later (two dogs kept me company) we were on our way to the bus and off to the park.

We arrived in Torres del Paine to beautiful weather and some serious Patagonian winds (way stronger than Boulder). The campground, a private one, had a backdrop of large mountains with glaciers. And the Torres, that
Countryside viewCountryside viewCountryside view

On bus from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales
the park was named for, loomed in the background.

That night we went in to the refugio (a sort of hostel) to eat dinner, some fabulous PB&J sandwiches. As we spread the PB on the bread, the consistency seemed weird. A little taste...yeah...its caramel. And the J is a marmalade ice cream kind of topping. Nasty, yet hysterical. True, our diet would be white bread for 2 days, but whatever, it made for a good story. And it really explained the confusing exchange Sarah had in line with a native on how to say Caramel in English. No wonder he was confused by Sarah trying to convince him it was Peanut Butter.

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Llamas scatter the countryside, along with the sheep

9th March 2012

Loving reading about your adventures, and dying laughing about the caramel!

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