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April 10th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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After having my wallet stolen I returned to Torres with a new attitude: No matter what, nothing could get worse than it already was. After mentally letting go, I was finally able to relax! This fresh attitude was rewarded with a warm bed and excellent meal at Hosteria Pehoe. Rain poured all night as I sipped garlic soup shoulder to shoulder with the Carbineros. When the clouds cleared the next mor... Read Full Entry

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Cuernos del Paine BackdropCuernos del Paine Backdrop
Cuernos del Paine Backdrop

What better backdrop can you find for a gorgeous lake like this?
The scale of the Cuernos del PaineThe scale of the Cuernos del Paine
The scale of the Cuernos del Paine

enlarged is a truck on the road by Lago Pehoe- the Cuernos which intruded out of the earth's insides rise 2500 feet above the surface of the lake, capped by the rocks they broke through... rocks that were never work away by the glaciers! Its all very unreal.
View to the LakesView to the Lakes
View to the Lakes

Finally another hiker! 2 Australians going to the top of Mirador el Condor. I told them about the enchanting splendor and solitude of the lakes, but they seemed uninterested.
Cuerno Principal and Glacial Notch(Arete)Cuerno Principal and Glacial Notch(Arete)
Cuerno Principal and Glacial Notch(Arete)

Cuerno Principal rises 700 meters- 2000 feet- above the glacially carved notch(Arete) below. The granite is so resistant to erosion that the end result looks more like Horns(Cuernos) rather than the classic glacial ridges seen in other mountain ranges.
Hotel ExploraHotel Explora
Hotel Explora

a 5 star hotel on the shores of Lago Pehoe- for those wanting to both bring your culture to another country and experience as little of nature as possible while still being able to tell your friends you visited Torres del Paine.
The sun started to set on the MassifThe sun started to set on the Massif
The sun started to set on the Massif

mas·sif [ma-seef, mas-if; Fr. ma-seef] –noun 1. a compact portion of a mountain range, containing one or more summits. 2. a large elevated block of old complex rocks resistant to both erosion and crustal folding. 3. a band or zone of the earth's crust raised or depressed as a unit and bounded by faults.
Sunset, Parque Nacional Torres del PaineSunset, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine
Sunset, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

Everything is encapsulated here- the orange/pink granite and black slate cap of Almirante Nieto; the Torres del Paine in the background mist; the impossible stacks and bands of the Cuernos on the left...

27th June 2007

Stephen, those are the most incredible, majestic photos. The movement of the clouds, the gorgeous mountains, the crisp colors of the lake and the snow...awesome!!!!
27th June 2007

Professional Photographer...
... making it to the Travelblog homepage yet again ..... Genius!!! Well done and totally justified given the beutiful pics x
27th June 2007

I have no words! Beautiful!
27th June 2007

Honestly you should quit your day job! Great Pictures.
27th June 2007

Fantastic Photos
Your photos or Torres Del Paine are fantastic. Keep up the great work and have fun on your travels.
28th June 2007

Million Thanks!
Thank you all for your kind words. I wish I could quit my day job, but Val you of all people know how we LOVE being Nuke Med Techs! And whena re Wendy and Stuart coming to California??
28th June 2007

I saw your photos on the main travelblog page and thought they were paintings.
28th June 2007

Your pics are terrific!
First of all, Guanaco looks really adorable! The calf, with the long eye lashes and big eyes, is like a girl to me :) The photos of Part 2 are breath-taking, well done. Really look forward to going there some day. What's more, you write well. Keep going! You rock.
29th June 2007

Great Pics
Stephen, great pics and keep the hard work of putting pics on your travelblog. I personally know the painstaking time and committment of not only taking photos but also putting them into a travelblog. Great work
29th June 2007

Stunning pics and great text as always. I especially liked the "Southern Cross, Lenga Tree" shot. Can't wait to get to Torres del Paine myself in 6 months! Best wishes, Ruth.
3rd July 2007

i didnt think you could see the southern cross if you werent in aus... or maybe its just upside down for you! liilt youin all those big mountains!
4th July 2007

incredible pictures
Stephen, these are incredible pictures. You have an incredible talent! You having great seeing eyes and a gift for sharing with others the beauty that your eyes have seen.
26th September 2007

Great writing and pics
Your writing is amazing and the pics are incredible. I'll be visiting that area in Nov. and will remember your blog. Carolyn( a.k.a.Gunga)
24th October 2007

slate-capped granite of Almirante Nieto at sunset
One of my favourite photos ever! Keep up the great work :)
11th November 2007

Thanks so much for that compliment!!! You should see it poster sized.. :)
27th January 2008

Fantastic pictures man!! Im so in a daze right now. Just great.
27th January 2008

to Yathiraj
Thanks a million! What a great compliment. It was a fantastic 2 days of shooting in very harsh weather. If I wasnt alone could I have spent 2 days on a hill with 30mph winds in 5 degree temps and occasional rain? I love staying in one spot, watching the weather come and go- and in Torres thats a very easy thing to do with the weather changing so quickly...
23rd February 2008

Brilliant pictures and commentary Stephen. I am busy researching for our honeymoon in Patagonia in a month's time, and your gallery has served up some real food for thought. Thanks.
20th August 2009

I travelled to Torres del Paine in 1991 with some mountaineering companions. Your photos bring back memories of a wonderful experience. I was consumed by the beauty and character (as you put it) so much that the climbing experience became secondary to the place. Thank you for jogging those memories with your superb photos! Keep on truckin' Ken P.S. We summitted on El Almirante Nieto but almost constant high winds foiled our efforts on the Torres and the Cuernos. Not to mention the difficulty! K

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