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South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia February 15th 2015

Llegamos al terminal d Valdivia, después de 9 horas del bus desde Talca, esperamos a Juan carlos, amigo de josé quien amablemente se había ofrecido a ayudarnos a ubicar en nuestra estadía en Valdivia, después de logística y espera llego con su amable sonrisa a recogernos y llevarnos en su carro a las zonas donde el sabe, por ser de allí nativo, hay sitios donde se albergan turistas por precios cómodos. Manejando por la ciudad cerca al centro y plaza de armas nos detuvimos e un lugar donde terminamos albergandonos por esa noche. Un sitio agradable, limpio, con cocina completa... Llegamos muy tarde y con hambre, comimos una pasta que allí mismo preparamos... Al día siguiente desayunamos y salimos en búsqueda de un sitio más barato para podernos quedar unos días en Valdivia y conocerla un ... read more
Baile huaso en la plaza en Valdivia
Selva valdiviana
Costa en Curiñanque

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia January 15th 2015

Zaterdag 10 januari, kwart over 6 in de ochtend. Met minibusjes rijden we door het Nationale Park van Villarrica – de ‘welvarende’ buurstad van Pucón waar de Spanjaarden kwamen om goud te zoeken. We gaan de gelijknamige vulkaan Villarrica (2847 meter) beklimmen. Het is de meest actieve vulkaan van Zuid Amerika en heeft 59 waargenomen uitbarstingen gehad, waarvan de laatste in 1992 plaatsvond. Ook nu is de vulkaan actief: er komt een constante sliert rook uit de krater op de top. Gelukkig staat het stoplicht, dat aangeeft wat de condities van de vulkaan zijn, op groen. Op 1400 meter hoogte stappen we uit het busje. Bepakt met helm, waterdichte broek en jas, handschoenen, pikhouweel en rugzak lopen we naar de skilift die ons naar een hoogte van 1800 meter zal brengen. Alleen daar aangekomen blijkt dat ... read more
Vulcano Villarrica
Hotel Baobab
Huilo Huilo waterval

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia December 13th 2014

12 décembre 2014 - Jour 56 Le voyage en bus s'est plutôt bien passé, on arrive vers 10h au terminal de Valdivia. La vache, qu'il fait froid, ça nous change du climat polynésien! Il paraît que la pluie est fréquente dans cette région des fleuves et des lacs, tant qu'il ne pleut pas on peut déjà s'estimer contents. On passe à l'office du tourisme pour récupérer une carte et quelques informations sur les attractions de la région et on rejoint notre hôtel pour prendre un bonne douche après ce long trajet. Après avoir trouvé une laverie, on rejoint le centre pour dîner, puis on descend au bord du fleuve. Là se tient tous les jours le marché aux poissons et aux légumes. Il y a énormément d'oiseaux qui viennent récupérer les carcasses de poissons, des mouettes ... read more
Parés pour Bilbo!
Lions de mer
Bateau naufragé

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia October 4th 2014

The ups and downs of traveling. From great places like Pucon to shitholes like Puerto Montt. Well, more to that later. When I got up the day after the volcano climb I can not tell you how much I knew that I have legs; they hurt like hell from the previous day activities. But I was still on a high from the experience. The day was absolutely gorgeous but I decided that it is time to move on. Friends in Santiago told me to go to Valdivia, a town on the coast. I was told that it is a relaxing place with some good places to visit. So I booked my ticket, went back to the hostel and packed my bag. The trip into Valdivia was only about 3 hours and after a short walk to ... read more
Steak Tatar - Yummy
Clock tower

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia March 1st 2014

March 2014 trip to visit family in Valdivia.... read more
@  SCL
Isabella and cousin Ignacio
La bandera de Chile

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia March 28th 2013

Hiya ! Following-up from our trip to Chiloe we spent just over a day in Valdivia, a city just few miles from the coast of Chile and a pleasant stopover on our way to Volcano Villarica and the city of Pucon. The city, by contrast to the still more traditional life of Chiloe, has modernised his city and attracted a young population with a big university; yet it has not lost his soul and the economy there still remains centered around fishing and boating. One of the most pleasant attraction of Valdivia is his fish market held throughout the day on the riverside, but it's not only to buy fresh fish or wonder around the many vegetables stalls that tourists wonder around... It is for the 10s of sea lions that are kept away from stealing ... read more
Valdivia Market
Valdivia fishmonger and the Sea Lion
Niebla crossing to Coral

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia October 12th 2012

Hello Friends and Family! We ended our journey in the mountains temporarily, seeking peace and somewhere to rest. We have found the perfect place to do so in the beautiful town of Valdivia! During our time here we have had the great pleasure to meet up with Joe’s Uncle and his wonderful family. Eric Quinn his wife June and their two sons Lucas and Joseph have opened their arms to host us the past few days. It has been wonderful to gather local knowledge about the surrounding area and to experience Chilean culture and cuisine with them. Valdivia is a seaport town that offers a plethora of seafood. We opened our taste buds first to some delicious sushi, and continued throughout the next few days to try some of Chile’s finest seafood. Any hopes of losing ... read more
Free Stuff!!

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia March 13th 2012

All neoprened-out from our active few days in Puerto Varas, it up to Valdivia a few hours north in the Province of Los Ríos (newly-created four years ago and numbered XIV, thereby completely messing up the lovely neat provincial numbering system). We stay for only one night in a lovely old house run by a charming English, French, Swedish and (of course) Spanish-speaking lady who looks after us very well (even cooking us a slap-up breakfast, an indescribable rarity in Chile, where desayuno incluido usually means instant coffee and a bread roll). Valvidia is a pleasant riverside city with a bustling and vibrant fish market right on the banks of the Río Calle-Calle. Visitors flock to the market not to buy fish and shellfish - of which there is a mind-boggling variety...there are at least four ... read more
Fish! Throw more fish! Now!
Choros, choritos, choros, maltones...
Strange goods at the market

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia January 8th 2012

Chegamos a valdivia por volta das 22h e ja com hostel reservado e proximo da estacao as 23h ja estavamos no quarto. Inicialmente pensamos ficar 2 noites mas a verdade e que no dia seguinte aquando da visita a cidade rapidamente nos apercebemos que nesse mesmo dia poderiamos ir para puerto varas. Um dia chegava perfeitamente. Por outro lado, o hostel nao era mto acolhedor e a dona tb nao pelo que facilmente concluimos que a melhor opcao era seguir viagem. Nao ha mto a dizer de Valdivia, e cercaa por um rio mas o centro nao atrai, poucos monumentos tem e e sobretudo a volta que uma pessoa pode tirar partido de la estar. Mas como vos disse, decidimos ir nesse mesmo dia, dia 5 janeiro para Puerto Varas no autocarro das 16.15 que levaria ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia December 4th 2011

Day 53 - Friday 2nd December Last night we went out for dinner at a restaurant called Sacho, and like a lot of restaurants and hotels in chile was run entirely by women. I suppose this only our third Chilean town so we are curious to see if this trend continues as we travel. Anyway the restaurant had great views over the nearby harbour and for the first time in ages we were able to order seafood. Shelley got a Salmon that had a mild (very mild) chile salsa topped on it, and I got a very curious meal that was a fillet of salmon stuffed with Chorizo sausage, cheese and tomato. Both were a speciality of the area and were great so we have vowed to return. When we got the bill we ... read more
Little fishing boat
Vultures looking for food
Our street in Valdivia

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