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October 25th 2007
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25th - 27th October 2007.

A few towns in Chile.....

The first town we arrived at was called Entre Lagos, we needed Chilean Pesos, luckily this small town had a bank and an ATM. But it was a very small and poor town, all the houses looked like wooden shacks. We found a café and had a great chicken, avocado and tomato sandwich…makes a change from the usual cheese and ham sandwiches in Argentina!

We decided to drive to Osorno, again it seemed a very poor town and not particularly pleasant, so we decided to keep going and drove another 200kms, (by the end of the day we clocked up 400kms) to Punto Montt. We were expecting a bit of a tourist town but it was another run down, polluted and very busy city. We drove a little further down the coast and found a nicer area and a large cabana for the night. We had a great feast for dinner Chilean Steak, salads, empenadas, bread, and more….mmmhhhhh and a lovely bottle of wine.

The next day the weather still hadn’t improved so there was no point driving to the volcanos. So we headed up north to Valdivia, this was a much nicer town and is obviously more wealthy. We drove out to the coast which was really nice and would be a great place to stay in the summer.

We stayed in Hostel Prat which was clean and friendly! We walked along the river to find sealions….and lots of them, right in the middle of town. There was a dog wanting to play with them and one or two of them got rather upset and tried to attack the dog…it was very funny.

Next day we drove over the pass again back to Argentina.

Next Iguazu Falls.

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7th November 2007

You missed Puerto Varas, the biggest tourist town in the Lake District just 15 km north of Puerto Montt? And you could have always visited the Alerce Forest in bad weather- it wouldn't have dampened the impact of seeing some of the worlds oldest living things!

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