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June 5th 2017
Published: June 5th 2017
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Why are there so many dogs in Chile?

With a no culling policy, many dogs are literally born and die on the streets. Estimated 2.5 million dogs roaming in large groups, abandoned by their families on low budget or let out deliberately to do as they please. Acceptance, is part of the community and culture with no cruelty tolerated. Meanwhile, the uncontrolled canine growth population has to weather the cold winter and disease, which kills and no medical care. The dogs appear to be well mannered and citizens and tourists are quick to feed and care for them.

On a personal many dogs to fall in love with...and I was honoured because one fell in love with me! He followed and later traced via Facebook his owners were located. An agreement was struck and he's still with me a month later, his name is Orejes which means ears. I thought he was a wolf but turns out that he is a black two year old Belgian Shepherd. He has a beautiful natural charm, I wish I could bring him back to Oz...

See if you can tell which dog is Orejas amongst the photos of the many I have seen along the way....

Additional photos below
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15th June 2017

Oh wow
Hi Wendy - Sorry for not touching base sooner! All those puppies!! I would never cope. Looks like you are having an amazing time. I will take the time to read more of your blog. Lots of love xox
1st July 2017

So Many Dogs
Lots of great pics Wendy xx

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