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South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro August 12th 2018

Chiloé (07/08/2018 - 12/08/2018) My final stop was the unique and spiritual island of Chiloé, in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. This lush, emerald green, magical island is home to palafitos (cute houses on stilts), adorable wooden churches (14 are Unesco World heritage sites), tejuelas (wood shingle houses), and the delicious curanto (a meaty, seafood and potato stew). Chiloé has a interesting spiritual culture. Just think of ghost ships, witch craft, and forest creatures. I headed straight to Castro, the capital of Chiloé; where I stayed with José, his lovely mum (Sonia), and his crazy dog (Duke). It was day 1 and José took me to work with him. Sounds boring, huh? Not if you work on a boat! We drove to Choén (with me squeezed inbetween him and his work mate) and took his ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro April 6th 2015

March 2 - Monday - Chiloe Island - Castro Looked very threatening today so wrapped our suitcases in shower curtains which we purchased from the supermarket. (Our luggage travels in the back of the open ute.) There was quite a bit of rain as we drove to Puerto Montt, where we caught the ferry to Chiloe Island. The trip took about half to 3/4 hour. We saw many of seals playing in the water as we crossed. We headed off, driving around a portion of the coast - quite different from the lake edges we had been seeing. We were watching out for a picnic spot, but found none, so ate lunch from the back of the ute. The countryside was very beautiful. Drove to Punihuil and did a 1/2 hour trip out to view penguins. ... read more
Chiloe Island
Chiloe Island
Chiloe Island

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro May 16th 2014

die bucht vor den fenstern des frühstücksraums liegt glatt und sonnenbestrahlt vor uns, darüber ein breiter regenbogen - dank des nieselig feuchten wetters sehen wir hier mehrmals täglich riesig breite rainbows, wie als hätte sie ein kind gemalt und quer über die landschaft gespannt. mit dem mietwagen geht es heute zuerst nach castro und dann weiter nach achao. markus legt sämtlichen machoismus ab und lässt mich die gut 250 kilometer quer über insel und fähren selbst fahren - wahrscheinlich auch, um die fotomotive besser erkennen zu können… entlang kurvig-hügeliger straßen mit fraglichen verkehrsregeln - die ampeln sind fast alle ausgefallen und die überholverbots-schilder lassen uns beide im unklaren - sausen wir an kuhfarmen, saftig grünen feldern, kleinen siedlungen in der bekannt flimsigen bauart und zahlreichen regenbögen vorbei. in castro angekommen, empfängt u... read more
fisherman's houses, castro
nercon's church
achao's church

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro February 1st 2014

Valdivia is situated on the west coast at the point of convergence for three rivers and is described as the most important university town in Southern Chile, with a strong emphasis on the arts and as such has a good, young vibe. The town was strongly influenced by the immigration of Germans in the mid 19th century, who brought with them the love of cake, which is still known by its German name "kuchen" and beer. So worth a visit in our eyes. Unfortunately, it was raining when we arrived in Valdivia, which was quite a surprise for us as we had not really had any significant rain since we left the UK over two months ago. Despite the rain, we spent an enjoyable day or two in Valdivia, visiting the odd museum (having cake of ... read more
View over lake Todos los Santos in the national park. Good spot for lunch
Wannabe penguin

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro March 25th 2013

Hi all, After about 33 hours of bus we finally made our way to Chiloe island. We spent our first night in Ancud and headed to Castro the next day. It has been a very big change in scenery and here on Chiloe both me and Carmen felt that we could almost be at home looking at the landscape - at times it has been hard to think we are in Chile and we could as well be in the english country side. What you my not know about Chiloe is that it is home to over 150 wooden churches mainy declared World Heritage sites by Unesco. Some of the typical traditions of the island also involve moving entire houses from one place to another by "simply" cutting off the wooden pillards that hold them off ... read more
Funny name
Typical wood houses
the famous Chiloe houses

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro March 21st 2013

Malheureusement, le temps sur l’île de Chiloe s’écoule et il nous faut repartir car demain c’est embarquement sur le ferry pour Puerto Natales. Ce qui limite les possibilités pour la demi-journée, ce sera donc aller voir les palafitos de Castro, au sud de la ville cette fois avant un retour à notre chère Puerto Montt, ou Muerto Montt comme ils l’appellent ici. Avec quand même une petite visite au bureau LAN au cas où il y ait encore des billets pour l’île de Pâques, l’idée revient après avoir rencontré des gens qui en sont revenus très enthousiastes. >pDJ: Toujours rien à faire à Puerto Montt ! **** Unfortunately, times flyes by on Chiloe island like everywhere else and we will have to go, tomorrow we board on the ferry to Puerto Natales. It does mean limited ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro March 20th 2013

Bizarre hein, de parler du premier jour de l’automne ici ! En tout cas, on aura bien eu droit à la pluie (quand même !) mais par très peu au final. Comme c’est la basse saison et les services réduits, le plus simple pour nous dans le temps imparti est de prendre une excursion avec une agence. Heureusement, nous ne sommes que 6 au total avec le guide, et c’est une journée très sympa où nous avons vu plein de choses différentes dans une ambiance très décontractée. Nous commençons par l’église de Cercon (malheureusement en rénovation) puis le village de Chomchi, un port bien tranquille avec encore une église en bois bien caractéristique. Dans le temps libre, visite d’une maison typique chilotte et du « musée de l’accordéon » ( !) tenu par un passionné qui ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro March 19th 2013

Début de la petite virée de 2 jours sur l’île – ou plutôt l’archipel de Chiloé - définie selon les guides touristiques comme un des endroits les plus humides de la planète, intéressant… C’est aussi une île marquée par des personnages de nombreuses légendes apparemment encore bien ancrées dans la tradition locale et en général, plutôt méchants (dieu serpent, gnome qui peut tuer d’un regard, guerriers dotés de magie noire, etc..). Intrigant…Le séjour aura été moins aventurier ! Le point de chute est à Castro, la plus grande ville de l’île. La plus grande surprise aura été de découvrir, après la courte traversée en ferry (avec des otaries en chemin !), que l’île est assez grande (2h de route sur la panaméricaine – qui se termine au bout de l’île – et entre la 1èreville au ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro January 13th 2013

It’s Sunday and we’ve arrived in the protected waters off of Castro Island, our tender port for the day. We arrive in the Lido just after 6:30 to discover that the main buffet is not yet open (we later learn, that unlike yesterday, it opens at 7:00 AM today; although, the continental buffet is now serving. Sharon gets her chocolate croissant and I get some rolls, slices of ham and slices of cheese with some grapefruit juice. It’s our third morning at sea, and evidently most passengers have remained healthy, so we’re allowed to serve ourselves from the buffet. The hand washing machines still seem quite novel to us, you stick your hands in both holes, reaching in up to your forearm, then after a bit some tepid water begins to do an oscillating spray of ... read more
Local Music
Wooden church
Apple Press

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro March 15th 2012

The weather has finally closed in and so it's time to head off from my lovely island, Chiloe. Have been tipped off about a fiesta in the wine growing area about 1000kms north of here next weekend (25th) and sounds too good to miss. It's somewhere in the Santa Cruz area. This will also put me close to Santiago, half way through travels and halfway up the country. Good karma all round. So to visit Pucon aswell, need to get a wiggle on. Sat on bus heading towards the ferry and it looks grim outside so made the right decision. When it rains here in Chiloe it #ing humps it down, sometimes for days on end. Been so lucky with the weather since monday, even the locals cannot believe it. All good things must come to ... read more
Casto Catherdral

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