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South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud March 31st 2016

Marie Cet article correspond au week-end des 12 et 13 mars 2015. L'ile de Chiloe pour un Chili entre traditions et modernité Samedi, 13h, nous avons terminé notre semaine de travail, nous avons décidé ce week-end de partir à la découverte de l'ile de Chiloe, qui se trouve à une centaine de kilomètres. Hop, nous sommes maintenant habitués au stop, une voiture nous amène jusque Puerto Montt et là, nous prenons un bus pour aller jusque Ancud, la ville qui se trouve au nord de l'ile. Après une heure et demie de trajet, c'est la traversée! Le bus monte directement sur le bac, un joli bateau aux couleurs jaunes, avec une entrée à l'avant, une autre a l'arrière... Le trajet est rodé et rapide (20 mn), il y a des départs très réguliers, il faut dire ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud May 15th 2014

nach einer kuschligen nacht, endlich wieder alleine im zimmer, genießen wir frisches schweizer körndl-brot und selbstgemachte marmelade zum frühstück! wunderbar organisiert werden wir vom hostel abgeholt und in familiärer atmosphäre zum wohnhaus der touri-agentur inhaber gebracht. das haus und seine kleinen cabanas liegen direkt in der bucht, von wo aus wir mittels meer-kajak ins wasser starten. ich muss ehrlich zugeben, es ist etwas gruselig in dem zweier-kajak, das sehr seefest scheint, quer über die bucht und gegen die wellen zu paddeln. hat fast was von explorer-geist mit der salzigen gischt und dem morgendlichen wind im gesicht, den blick auf das ziel in weiter ferne gerichtet. das andere ufer erreicht, hanteln wir uns entlang der steilen klippen mit dichtem bambus-bewuchs bis zur äußersten spitze der bucht, an der die wellen unangenehme höhen erreichen. witziger weise eri... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud May 14th 2014

nach einem knackig kurzen frühstück verlassen wir die navimag fähre in puerto montt um gleich die weitere reise richtung insel chiloé mittels bus und kleiner fähre antreten zu können. wir verabschieden uns von unseren “roomies” der letzten vier nächte und auf geht es, wieder in den süden. die insel liegt im spätmorgendlichen sonnenschein voll grüner wiesen und kleiner fischerdörfer mit strahlend bunten hausfassaden und spitzen kirchentürmen. nach punta arenas und puerto natales ist ancud, unser heutiges ziel, die weitaus “schönste” hafenstadt. leider bin ich heute mal wieder etwas reise-müde und sehe alles unter mehr wolken als notwendig. die tatsache, dass ich kein fleisch esse, macht das essen-gehen in südamerika nicht immer einfach… das seit wochen vorherrschende nass-kalte wetter, der tägliche sprachliche kampf um verständigung und die eher tristen städte ... read more
hostel chilling

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud December 26th 2011

It has been while since we last wrote and we have moved along quite swiftly. From Santiago, we went to the surfing town of Pichilemu. We expected a JBay kind of town, with fancy holiday houses and surf shops. What we saw was quite the opposite - a pokey town with run down houses and overgrown verges. Pichilemu is known to have some of the best waves in the world, hosting one of the big surf competitions. Marco hired a board and enjoyed the Pacific water for a day. Unfortunately, his lack of surfing fitness let him down despite the good waves, but he enjoyed the surf in Pichilemu and Los Lobos (while Phillipa read a good book, hence, no photos). We had a nervous laugh at the sign painted on the beach road stating this ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud May 27th 2011

We arrived in Ancud from Pucon, after a 6 hour bus trip, at about 7.00pm We went to Puerto Montt where we caught a ferry onto the Chiloe Island. Once on the Island, we drove to the NW corner to Ancud. It was cold and we soon learned that it rains frequently, in fact 2,500 mm p.a. Just 100 kms south, it rains 4,500 mm per year!!! We were to stay for 3 nights (2 full days) and it rained on and off for these 2 days. The area is also king of fogs. They come over quickly and so the site of the town disappears quickly. We stayed at Hostal Lluhay, which is near the docks at 458 Lord Cochrane Ave. It sits high from the road to provide wonderful views of the quaint ... read more
Lake on way to Ancud (2)
Pueto Montt  (1)
Lakes in way to Ancud

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud April 29th 2011

The bus from Castro was pretty easy, really. We probably could have walked it but, lacking the time or the inclination to do 85ks on foot, we opted for public transport. Once there finding a place to stay presented no major challenge. It seemed we had inadvertently picked the absolute best time to come to Chiloe. There were literally no other tourists, but things were still open as it came onto winter. But Ancud; seriously - best place ever. The moment we got off the bus it felt good. We found a hostel in the LP and wandered a short distance around the town to find it. There was a hill, if I'm honest, but at sea level it presented no great challenge. As we walked up the driveway an excitable Border Collie ran up to ... read more
Luxurious Hostel room, Ancud
View from the room, Ancud
Ancud Fort

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud February 11th 2011

Emily here - I know you all think Si writes the entire blog, whereas in reality it is a joint effort, so thought I would be guest writer for this latest installment of our adventure! Day 22 Well the journey to Chiloe, via Osorno, wasn't quite as smooth as we had hoped. Basically the bus was 45mins late leaving and then to top it off our coach was stopped at the border and searched (for 2-2 1/2 hours).Quite cute to watch the sniffer dogs in action - the handlers have a rolled up facecloth that they throw to them to encourage them to sniff the bags and after 5 minutes they get to play. After about 10 mins one of the dogs made a clear sign on a French girl's bag, and we thought, 'oh no, ... read more
Action shot on the ferry to Chiloe
We can eat that??
Yes you can...

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud February 21st 2010

I open my eyes and already know that something awoke me. A lot of darkness and shadows. A slit of blue light from between the blue curtains to my left. A few clicks of static before they come into focus beyond the end of my bed: the watery glisten of two eyes, still and watching, above the points of my toes. The moment seems to drag forever. Another static crinkle of silence, and like the release of a dark balloon, the eyes float upward, attached to a head trailing hair like a fine gray smoke. A shine of black teeth locked in a violent grin. The ceiling does not catch it; it floats right into the wood and disappears. My chest has a little explosion. I’m too scared to move. Then I’m on my feet, striding ... read more
Dulcalhue morning
random road
festival costumbriste

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud January 15th 2010

Visited Ancud and the surrounding area. Saw the final South American Penguin that I needed to see, the Humbolt. It's very smilar to the Magellanic. I was also blessed to see a "Gato Marino" or Marine Otter. They are indigenous to S. America and have thicker, courser fur than Sea Otters. They are endangered and rare to see. Lastly I got to buy cheese from a wheelbarrow on the street!!! LOL Mmmmm Queso!!! Me Gusta!!!!... read more
Cheese Vendor
Sand Art
Red Footed Cormorant

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Ancud December 14th 2009

I love Chiloe - where else do you get a lilac and orange cathedral in the main town? Chiloe is an archipelago of islands off the coast of southern Chile - its appeal is the 150 odd wooden churches and its unique way of life developed when its Spanish settlers were isolated from the mainland settlers for 200 years. Its not the most logical destination when your starting point is Buenos Aires but I've always wanted to go there so off we set on a 33 hour journey involving 3 buses, one border and a ferry. Stage one was a 22hour bus journey from BA to Bariloche - but in Argentina that's not as arduous as it sounds, think 1st class plane travel. Great big comfy seats that almost fully recline, pillows and blankets, a steward ... read more
Edwin trying our new mode of transport for size
heading back through the lakes & mountains near Bariloche
the customs dog on duty at Paso Cardinal Samore

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