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July 10th 2006
Published: February 18th 2007
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Dad took me to one of the most isolated places in the world (Once again, what the heck was he thinking!) It was a 5 hour flight from Santiago, and it is half way between Santiago and Tahiti! It was an outdoor museum and I loved running around the giant statues (Moais). The statues were fascinating and my dad even bought a wooden one that was bigger than me to take home. We hired a taxi driver and took 2 full day tours around the island to the best sights, instead of going on a tour. He even broght his son on one of the days, so I had someone to play with who was just a little older than me. We took a picnic each day and ate outside by these giant Moais. I dont think I will ever forget these statues. We went into a cave and did some hiking.

After Easter Island we spent a few more days in Santiago, then back to Rio to pick up brother Vitor, before coming back to Miami.
It was six incredible weeks that I spent with dad....17 flights in 4 countries.

Dad said that I was a great travelling companion and very easy to travel with. I cant wait until next summer when dad says he will take me travelling again. I dont know how it will top this trip.

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Daddy and MeDaddy and Me
Daddy and Me

Only Moai with legs
Where they made the moaisWhere they made the moais
Where they made the moais

right from the mountain
Watch OutWatch Out
Watch Out

Other kid is taxi drivers son who joined us one day.

23rd February 2007

love your photos. hoping to take my 6 month old on a long trip in nne months time. your pics remind me why. think its the best thing you can do for your kids. thanks for sharing
19th March 2007

Sofia, you're the cuttest thing ever!!!!!!! Tell your dad when you grow older he's gotta take you to these places all again, you can always say you dont remember a thing:-) Tons of Kisses, your auntie, Cris
10th May 2011

This is one place I would love to go! Seeing you there makes it look so much more awsome than normal!! Well if like your auntie Cris says, you do go back, can we come with you? I think my daughter is only a little bit older than you!
4th November 2011

again...could u share details?? taxi/tour operator/hotel etc.... thnx :)

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