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February 18th 2019
Published: February 19th 2019
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It’s our final day on Easter Island and our first nice day. Until now, our time here had combined the worst weather of our trip with the worst accommodation; outside has been wet and windy and miserable while inside has been damp and mouldy and miserable. But today the sun is shining and we ‘borrow’ (£50) the landlady’s jeep for an outing.

We’re doing the south-east circuit (basically, the runway runs almost the width of the island and the road circles the island in a figure 8 around the runway).

Our circuit consists of: Ana Kai Tanga (a cave with petroglyphs), Rano Kau (a crater containing a reed covered lake), Orongo (a ceremonial village), Vinapu (some fallen Moai), Puna Pau (a quarry where Moai topknots were carved), Ahu Akivi (7 Moai facing the sea) and Ana Te Pahu (a lava tube cave).

Ana Te Pahu does not go well. We enter the cave, which goes on and on. I decide I’ve had enough and want to go back. The old man wants to go on and takes my iPhone as a torch. I’m left alone in the dark for longer than I can manage without a panic attack. He returns and suggests we continue as it’s interesting. I’m only interested in being above ground. There’s a difference of opinion about who should have the torch. Eventually I regain my torch and my composure.

In the afternoon we have a second attempt at the beach. This time conditions are perfect and we have a pleasant dip in the ocean.

We return to town, stopping en route (the old man is finding it difficult to drive as he’s accidentally put both legs through one leg hole of his pants).

On our fourth evening, we finally find the proper supermarket and buy some dinner. After we’ve eaten, we return to the shore to watch the sunset. It doesn’t happen; the sun disappears behind a huge bank of clouds instead. And that pretty much sums up our time in Easter Island.

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