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August 7th 2012
Published: June 16th 2017
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The famous buried Moai of Rano RarakuThe famous buried Moai of Rano RarakuThe famous buried Moai of Rano Raraku

The quarry where all of the Moai statues were chiseled out...
Geo: -27.1308, -109.342

Today i rented a car for the remaining two days. At US$ 60/Day for an old beat-up Suzuki "Jimmy" (or how i call him "Junky"😉, it almost seemed like the islanders' payback for the cruel treatment they suffered during their colonial past. But then i saw the new mansion of the rental company's owner and it all made sense... 😉 Anyway, me and Roberto from Chile were exploring the countless Moai sights along the southern coast, the famous Rano Raraku (NP Tickets Chilean: US$20 and Foreigners: US$60...) and the massive Ahu Tongariki. By the way, the fact that visitors get ripped off almost every time they pull out their wallets does somehow not take away any of the fascination for Rapa Nui 😉

Heute mietete ich ein Auto fuer die restlichen zwei Tage. Bei 60US$/Tag fuer einen alten verbeulten Suzuki "Jimmy" scheint es fast als wuerden es die Insulaner uns zurrueckzahlen wollen, fuer die grausame Behandlung waehrend der Kolonialzeit. Aber dann sah ich die neue Villa des Besitzers der Mietwagenfirma und ploetzlich machte alles Sinn... 😉
Wie auch immer, ich und Roberto aus Chile fuhren die Südküste entlang, vorbei an zahllosen Moai-Standorten, zum beruehmten Rano Raraku und dem massiven Ahu Tongariki. Uebrigens, die Tatsache dass Besucher hier ausgenommen werden, sobald sie ihre Brieftasche oeffnen, truebt komischerweise nichts an der Faszination, die von Rapa Nui ausgeht 😉

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I think i found one of my ancestors ;)I think i found one of my ancestors ;)
I think i found one of my ancestors ;)

The massive head gives it away...

28th November 2012

Striking likeness

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