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South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna July 22nd 2018

20 juillet Derrière La Serena s'élève l'imposante Cordillière des Andes qui délimite la frontière avec l'Argentine. Au niveau de la ville, un entonnoir déverse des confluents de rivières à partir des sommets jusqu'à l'Océan, formant ainsi une vallée fertile dans les montagnes, là où poussent des jardins de papayes, des plantations démesurées d'avocats et des vignobles de raisins Muscatel avec lesquels sont produit des vins sucrés, et puis le fameux Pisco aussi, fierté festive du Pays. En matinée, un mini-bus s'arrête devant mon Hostal pour justement me permettre de m'injecter dans la Valle Del Elqui. Je suis le touriste canadien dans le lot de latina familia en vacancia. Je m'assied en avant: Felipe le guide-chauffeur est le seul à pouvoir me répondre en anglais. Sans attendre, Felipe actionne le moteur et n... read more
Vue céleste
Église de village
Goat crossing

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » La Serena July 21st 2018

18 juillet "Follow, follow the sun And which way the wind blows When this day is done" Xavier Rudd (À Santiago) Je prend place au deuxième étage d'un Turbus en direction de La Serena. Il est 11h25AM. Je viens d'avaler un hot-dog calfeutré d'avocat et de salsa picante signé généreusement d'une moutarde en lettres attachées. Bouffe de gare: ça devrait suffire pour apaiser mon appétit durant quelques heures. Le bus prend la route qui débouche sur la Pan-American, et puis s'enligne vers le Nord. La grisaille du ciel et le centre-ville bétonné s'échappent enfin de mon regard alors que l'autoroute se déroule vers l'été. Rapidement, on entre en terrain abrupte et aride où quelques fois, le décor en biais dévoile des plantations d'agrumes ou des vignobles ass... read more
Corridor de palmiers
Pêcheur à la Plage

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Pisco Elqui March 20th 2018

We left Santiago bus station so that it could recover from our visit, and continued on a different whizz bang bus to La Serena, where a lovely German lady rescued us from the large road by the bus station and helped us find our hostel. We enjoyed the pavement cafes of Serena but it was a bit busy for us and we just stayed a couple of days. We had read about the beautiful and mystical Elqui Valley, where communities have been established believing that the magnetic centre of the earth is here rather than in the Himalayas, where apparently everyone else thinks it is. I have to say that the location of the magnetic centre of the earth has never, not once, been the subject of my thinking so I am happy to believe anyone. ... read more
Here's looking at Pete looking at the stars....
Taking photos of the night sky is not as easy as you might think....this is the Southern Cross, honest
What a place to camp! Can you see the little suspension bridge?

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Coquimbo March 6th 2018

Day three, day at sea! Jack makes 100!! A lesson in selfishness And pool side chilaxing We have had a relaxing day at sea today on route to San Martin in Peru. We have another sea day tomorrow, love em! This morning we attempted to go play basketball but the court was in use by some guys playing paddle ball. We waited patiently.... we waited and waited. One guy then suggested we come back later as they always use the court.... oh really???? I asked him if it was a planned event to which he said no... so then I said well you don’t have sole right to it then? They continued playing, there were a number of them taking in turns to play. We initially left but then my indignation got the better of me ... read more

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Coquimbo March 5th 2018

Day two Coquimbo. Football, dogfights and spectacular views. See photos and video! The only good thing about having to use facebook to post my blogs is the speed I can upload photos and now videos too! Enjoy! The one of Dave almost getting savaged by a dog is a good watch. We docked in Coquimbo early morning and, after breakfast in the dining room, headed out to explore. 🇨🇱 Chile is long and thin, the top end being desert and the lower part more lush with varied weather. We are close to the top third so the signs of desert were everywhere. The land itself is sand coloured and dusty. Even the tarmac roads had a thin layer of desert dust atop and cactus 🌵 were absolutely everywhere. It was hot but not at all unbearable. ... read more

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna July 8th 2017

David here... The journey to Vicuna only took about an hour. It was earlier than we'd said we would arrive, giving us time for lunch before checking in. In the main plaza we spotted a vegetarian restaurant called Govinda offering a meal and drink for C$2500 (about £3). Wanting something a little more healthy, we decided to give it a go. We both went for pakoras. The meal came with salad and rice. It was very tasty, especially enhanced with the hot sauce I'm still carrying. It was tasty home cooked food at a good price. By this time we could check in to our hostel, Las Delicias, about 5 minutes from the main square. We were greeted by a friendly gentleman (who spoke no English) and his even friendlier dog. It turned out to be ... read more
Vicuna sunset
Pisco Elqui main plaza
Pisco Elqui scenery

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » La Serena July 5th 2017

Suzanne here... The bus arrived in La Serena 1.5 hours late. Not usually a big deal, but we'd booked an apartment and given an arrival time of 2pm, and it was that already. There were no taxi's (perhaps as the Confederations Cup Final between Chile and Germany was on). Nor could I find free wi-fi anywhere to let them know. We found the bus stop and after a bit of a wait a bus came along and took us to within 10 minutes walk of the apartment. We were just under an hour late. The security chap had to phone the guy (who had given up waiting for us) to come back. All rather embarrassing. Still, the apartment was fabulous. Modern and with a great sea view. We quickly settled in and then went out to ... read more
Our lovely apartment
La Serena lighthouse
La Serena church...

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » La Serena December 1st 2016

La Serena was just a normal city but I did end up staying a little longer than planned cause the hostel was lovely and comfortable and after all the early mornings in San Pedro, I wanted to sleep! The beach here was not great but hey still a beach! The only adventure I did was the Isla Damas which supposedly has 4000 Humboldt penguins on it but I only saw about 5. However we did see dolphins, otors ( don't know how to write that) and sea lions so it was still an exciting tour. I then went to spend a couple of days in the Pisco Valley where star gazing is a must. I went to a family owned observatory where's they explained with a super powerful laser pointer where was what. Super interesting to ... read more

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Pisco Elqui July 12th 2016

Leaving Valparaiso and heading off to the Elqui Valley on the advice of a local seemed like a good plan. I hopped onto a bus for the eight hour journey ($CLP 13,000 or $26 USD; buses here are expensive) to La Serena which is a coastal city and the jumping point to the Elqui Valley. I knocked on a few doors, found accommodation and really did not do anything nor do I have much to write about whilst in La Serena. Waking up the following morning I walked to the bus terminal, got a ride, and spent the next three hours climbing the Chilean foothills into the Elqui Valley. The valley is known for its many vineyards providing the fruit for pisco, its clear and pollution free skies for stargazing (many, many observatories on the peaks), ... read more

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Pisco Elqui April 7th 2016

Du 22 au 28 mars 2016 Marie La Serena...une ville d'environ 200000 habitants à 470 kilomètres au nord de Santiago. Et surtout une vallée creusée par un fleuve, l'Elqui, surplombee par de magnifiques montagnes aux couleurs rouge et ocre, réputée par son ensoleillement quasi permanent, ses nuits étoilées, ses jolis villages et ses vignes qui donnent le raisin pour concocter le fameux Pisco. C'est surtout cette vallée incroyable que nous voulions découvrir en se décidant de faire une halte dans cette région. On est vraiment super enthousiastes car on a trouvé un nouveau lieu de Woofing dans une vallée attenante à la vallée de l'Elqui, la vallée de Cochiguaz ! Cela va nous permettre de découvrir cet endroit en pleine nature au contact de personnes qui y vivent ! Le souci, c'est qu'il y a très ... read more

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