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South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna July 22nd 2018

20 juillet Derrière La Serena s'élève l'imposante Cordillière des Andes qui délimite la frontière avec l'Argentine. Au niveau de la ville, un entonnoir déverse des confluents de rivières à partir des sommets jusqu'à l'Océan, formant ainsi une vallée fertile dans les montagnes, là où poussent des jardins de papayes, des plantations démesurées d'avocats et des vignobles de raisins Muscatel avec lesquels sont produit des vins sucrés, et puis le fameux Pisco aussi, fierté festive du Pays. En matinée, un mini-bus s'arrête devant mon Hostal pour justement me permettre de m'injecter dans la Valle Del Elqui. Je suis le touriste canadien dans le lot de latina familia en vacancia. Je m'assied en avant: Felipe le guide-chauffeur est le seul à pouvoir me répondre en anglais. Sans attendre, Felipe actionne le moteur et n... read more
Vue céleste
Église de village
Goat crossing

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna July 8th 2017

David here... The journey to Vicuna only took about an hour. It was earlier than we'd said we would arrive, giving us time for lunch before checking in. In the main plaza we spotted a vegetarian restaurant called Govinda offering a meal and drink for C$2500 (about £3). Wanting something a little more healthy, we decided to give it a go. We both went for pakoras. The meal came with salad and rice. It was very tasty, especially enhanced with the hot sauce I'm still carrying. It was tasty home cooked food at a good price. By this time we could check in to our hostel, Las Delicias, about 5 minutes from the main square. We were greeted by a friendly gentleman (who spoke no English) and his even friendlier dog. It turned out to be ... read more
Vicuna sunset
Pisco Elqui main plaza
Pisco Elqui scenery

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna February 23rd 2016

Después de haber disfrutado de los deportes de aventura en Pucón y los lagos de la región, pasamos por la capital de Chile: un poco de shopping, de metro, de música, de cerros, y contaminación! Nos dirigimos a Valparaiso que nos permite un poco de aire fresco disfrutando a su vez de un street art que nos deja boquiabiertos por cada calle que recorremos. Pero con ganas de un poquito de tranquilidad nos dirigimos a la playa de la Serena. Aunque no tiene mucho de especial, pasar dos días sobre la arena, tomando el sol y bañandonos entre las olas es mas que suficiente para disfrutar del lugar. Pero esta destinación es sólo una escala antes de nuestro objetivo en el Norte Chico: Visitar Vicuña y el Valle del Elqui, para descubrir la nueva vida y ... read more

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna August 23rd 2011

Vicuna--Smiles and Tears Leaving coastal La Serena, the little local bus was crammed to the aisles as we headed up the Elqui Valley. We passed fertile farmlands, then hills covered with saguaro-like cactus, tiny adobe pueblos, a dam that created a lake submerging vineyards on its edges and finally regal views of the snow-capped Andes. After an hour, we arrived at Vicuna, the largest town in the valley. Still, Vicuna is a relatively small town of 25,000; as in most such places, people are initially wary of out-of-towners--those who stay a day or two and pronounce the town boring. I am clearly a foreigner, for one just doesn't see middle-aged Chilean women with hiking boots and a pony tail. However, whenever I smiled and said, "Hola, buenos dias" to residents, their faces broke into the most ... read more
palms and snow-capped mountains--perfect
Birthplace of Gabriela Mistral. With Nobel Prize money, she bought a house in SB where I lived  for three years.
Doris Dana (our landlady) and Gabriela Mistral

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna June 2nd 2009

An early morning walk to find a hotel in Vicuna leaves my jaw frantically seizing and my teeth chattering due to what I call arctic temperatures. On the prowl for lodging we pick a kind of upscale hotel for lack of a better option and it did not even have hot water. The one joy of my future, a hot shower, was stripped from me. After the shower disappointment I had one mission, HEAT! I gathered every heating device I could find: radiator, strange wall heating like things, and blankets. A few moments of attempting to get warm was futile so I decided to take it like a man (or woman, not trying to be sexist so please just take it as a figure of speech) and go book our tour for the astronomical observatory. ... read more
Cathedral of Valparaiso

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna April 9th 2009

(IN EIGENER SACHE: DER INTERNETZUGANG HIER IN LA SERENA IST ETWAS BE--SCHEIDEN UM ES SO ZU SAGEN, ES IST SEHR SCHWIERIG EIN BLOG ZU FÜHREN) Erster Tag in La Serena. Der Strand wird besichtigt mit Faro; einem Leuchtturm aus den 50ern. Etwas wärmeres Wasser als im Süden mit Super-Wellen. Danach Stadtbesichtigung. LA Serena ist eine typische Sommerstadt zum baden und für das dolce vita geeignet. Architektur im Neokolonial-südspanischen Stiel - allerdings zum grossem Teil erst in den 40ern errichtet. Weiterfahrt ins Valle del Elqui, ein grünes Tale mit Papaya, Weintrauben und vielen anderen Kulturen. Kurzer Stop in einer Papaya-qarm, wir haben rohen Saft der Frucht genossen, andere kauften getrocknete und eingelegte Früchte. Soll auch sehr gesund sein. Ein schöner Stausee mit vielen Drachen-Surfern überrascht uns plötzlich als wäre man i den Alpen. La Vicuna ... read more
Schiefer Turm von La Serena?
Küste bei La Serena
Faro La Serena

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna February 11th 2009

James, Cami and I went for a three night camping trip at the campground that Abuela Mirna has in the valley with some friends of Cami's. We had lots of fun cooking, swimming in the pool, hanging out and goofing off! On the last night they went to bed early in the other tents so Cami, James and I stayed up talking and joking around and stargazing. the amount of stars you see out there is incredible! and I saw three shooting stars! While we were out looking at the stars we found out what the strange loud noise we had been hearing at night was.... we had a neighbor who was the most incredibly loud snorer I have ever heard!!! Also in these pictures you will meet... PELUSA! probably the cutest little kitten you have ... read more
Pelusa Sleeping
Pelusa Sleeping

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna January 30th 2009

fotos van Vicuña. We waren vooral naar hier gekomen om naar het observatorium te gaan. Maar omdat het donker was hebbenn we er geen fotos van. Door de telescoop hebben we , naast andere fantastische dingen, satrunus gezien met de ring photos of Vicuña... read more

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna January 14th 2009

Español más abajo We both went to Vicuña, a town 90 km from La Serena that's east on the way to the Andes (as if you're driving to Argentina). We stayed there overnight before joining the Nuñes Segovia family for a camping trip a further hour and a half inland to a camping place near a village called Pisco Elqui. Andy and I headed to Vicuña from La Serena and after dropping our bags at our hostel (such a gorgeous place to stay), we went to visit a Pisco factory. For those of you who don't know, Pisco is pretty much our national drink (although it's yet another subject of intense “debate” between Chileans and Peruvians), it's made from distilled grapes, on its own it tastes pretty lethal, well like any other high percentage spirit, but ... read more
On the way to the pisco factory - Ida a la fabrica de pisco
Elqui river - Rio Elqui

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Vicuna December 11th 2008

sorry about the huge delay in blog entries... there has been a big combo of moving, lack of functioning internet, and computer problems... however... here is a pretty old entry that im finally getting up, and ill be trying to crank out a few more and get caught up to the present moment. These pics are from when i came to visit Laura´s host family (I know some of you met her brother Pito) in Serena and we went to the grandmothers house in the valley for a birthday party of one of Pito´s cousins who lives in Australia.... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

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