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March 6th 2018
Published: February 20th 2019
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Day three, day at sea!

Jack makes 100!!

A lesson in selfishness

And pool side chilaxing

We have had a relaxing day at sea today on route to San Martin in Peru. We have another sea day tomorrow, love em!

This morning we attempted to go play basketball but the court was in use by some guys playing paddle ball. We waited patiently.... we waited and waited. One guy then suggested we come back later as they always use the court.... oh really????

I asked him if it was a planned event to which he said no... so then I said well you don’t have sole right to it then?

They continued playing, there were a number of them taking in turns to play. We initially left but then my indignation got the better of me and We went back up. Then one old guy suggested they teach me to play..(ps, I know how to hit a ball with a bat but thanks...)

I said we just want to shoot a few baskets and perhaps the polite thing to do would be to offer us a few minutes considering how long we have waited?

Nothing.... they keep playing. Game after game .....Dave suggested storming the court and I was up for that but decided to try once more... I asked if we could please have five minutes to play after their next game was over.

One man said, of course.. he then told the others and we did, eventually, get our five minutes!

We took exactly five minutes, thanked them kindly and left. I hope they reflect on their complete selfishness but, somehow, I doubt it!

After that we went to the pool....lush, chatted to some lovely Canadians who said they would have stormed the court, then on to trivia which we only just lost in.

The ships communal areas are quiet... there is always somewhere free to sit, it’s a nice change from some, shorter, cruises.

Now then, the lovely Jack! He is Canadian, still drives and still clears his own roof of leaves and today is his one hundredth birthday. He looks incredible for 100 and was overwhelmed by the effort princess went to to make his day special.

The video is of a load of us who were privileged to see the presentation, singing happy birthday to this awesome man. He is so cute!

I went back in the pool and hot tubs for a bit and now am relaxing and waiting for dinner a little later. The selfish crumblies aside, it’s been a lovely day. I think I caught the sun a bit!



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