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October 28th 2007
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Desfile de la Alianza NegraDesfile de la Alianza NegraDesfile de la Alianza Negra

Left to right: Mr. Peludo (hairy), Mr. something that meant classy, Mr. Cuerpo (body), Mr. Transvesty The other Alianza had the their own interpretation of these themes, but I wasn't able to get photos

I wish you all a happy Halloween. I think I'll hand out some candy. They celebrate it here too, I think the same way. And there's a month and half till summer vacation!!!!! Bittersweet. I love the school social atmosphere, hate the tests. I suppose that's normal

So last week was the anniversary of the school. I guess it's a pretty big thing. Instead of classes, we had activities. A common celebration in schools and stuff is the Alianzas (alliances). The school is divided into to two alianzas, named by color. We had black and white. So there are competitions between the alianzas.

Competitions we had: a coreographed dance. As my alianza was negra (black), ours turned out rather gothic. The alianza blanca (white) did theirs in a Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe theme.

Next was improvised dancing. Whoever wants to get out and dance to random songs can go ahead. The alianza blanca kicked our butts in that one. They had more people go for it, and danced much better.

Next was the desfile (parade). Check out the photos. I wasn't able to get photos of everyone, but most of them.

To explain in
Alianza BlancaAlianza BlancaAlianza Blanca

Left to right: Miss Pintada (painted), Miss something that meant glamorous, Miss Piernas (legs), and Miss Pokemona
advance Miss Pokemóna, I suppose I should explain pokemón. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Pokemon. That show that was really cool back in the 90's. The pokemon "evolve" and become a different animal every now and then. Anyway, what happened in Chile is that there was a clique called Reggaetón about a year ago, aptly named for the music they listened to. And they all started dressing emo. This change led to the term pokemón. Emo listens to emo rock, metal, that kind of stuff. Pokemón dresses about the same but listens to Reggaetón.

Also there was a mass kachipún (rock paper scissors) tournament for the kinder. And la quemada, a variation of dodge ball, for older kids. And a water balloon passing race. And overall, alianza blanca kicked our butts. They had seniors. I guess seniors generally win, like with the homecoming spirit stick

On saturday, I went to La Serena with my family. It's the beach town. The place where you go for vacation. Everybody says Copiapó to the north is really ugly, and that Serena is really cool. It is. We were there for a day, and the weather was rather cold

I wasn't able to get pictures of everyone in the desfile, but here's the alianza blanca
and cloudy, but it was fun anyway. There's a really nice mall. And I went for a long walk on the beach....and forgot my camera. Next time, folks.

Things to love about Chile:

Telling the story of Little Jimmy....in spanish

In-depth conversations about Los Simpson with an 8-year old

Arrive late. People don't care. Unless it's class or something. Or orquestra rehersal. Then you don't want to frequently be more than a couple minutes late. You get the idea

You don't worry so much about grossness. You share your friend's juice, give them a bite of your empanada. Somebody needs a spoon, lend them yours. They don't care if you've used it. I guess some people are like that in US, but here nobody seems to care. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Playing "God of War" on the "play" (station) with my host brother. Everybody just calls it "play"

Explaining the meaning of english swearwords

Understanding what people say. It feels soooooooooo good. And those times when I notice that I don't have to think hard to understand

The Atacama Desert. I've never seen so many beautiful shades of brown. And that sounds really sarcastic, but I mean it. It's awesome

always low humidity in the desert

I laugh more frequently with my host brother than any other person

Empanadas!!!! and the bread

Playing frisbee with Julio y Sofía



El Bagón. I'm not really sure how it's spelled. But it was sweet. It was the senior humanist elective's project. They decorated the inside of this railroad car that we have on school grounds. They had all kinds of poems, collages, etc. They had a section on utopia. The place that doesn't exist, a place of perfection. A section about love. A section about the lives of youth. And they had some relaxing music playing, and incense burning. And I had had a really rough week. Lots of stress. I was in a bad mood. Went in the Bagón. And read the poems. Looked at collages. And smelled the incense. And thought about it all. And forgot about the stress. And stayed in there reading, looking, thinking, for about 45 minutes. And then went in again. And again. And I thought about taking photos, but it wouldn't be the same.

Moments when I really mess up with speaking. Some of them are hilarous, but I'd rather not get into the details so publicly

Additional photos below
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Mass Kachipún tournamentMass Kachipún tournament
Mass Kachipún tournament

they had about 15 kids from each alianza lined up on each side, and one at a time they went at it with the rock paper scissors. Single elimination
El Bruno en el BusEl Bruno en el Bus
El Bruno en el Bus

bus travel is a lot more common here. Gasoline is pretty expensive, but bus fare is cheap

We had a really good view in Serena. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when I went for that walk on the beach.

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1st November 2007

yah, here in Texas we used to share our food/drinks with everyone else and i'd walk around barefoot everywhere i went but now staff infection is sweeping through our entire state and has killed 3 highschoolers soooooo...we don't do that anymore^^ ofcourse im half joking half serious about that but you can never be to careful...what's the story of Little Jimmy?
1st November 2007

also that's hilarious that they call emo kids pokemon since emo kids here watch pokemon

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