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South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó September 14th 2008

On friday at school there was a big fiesta for the national holiday (which is on the 18th). They really go all out for this holiday... there were lots of decorations, costumes, dances and food at school and then we have the whole week off from school this week. I took about a million and a half pictures of the dances, especially because some of my friends were dancing in a cueca competition of some sort (cueca is the national dance) but this is just a small selection of the pictures. ... read more
Little Pascuan Dancers
Little Pascuan Dancers 2
Sola Singing

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó September 14th 2008

Some pictures from going out into the dunes to fly kites with some friends and some pictures from later that day at the birthday party of a friend from my class- Pachy (Patricia). We had a great lot of fun dancing and joking around and taking silly pictures all night long... ooh and eating REALLY REALLY delicious cake (although unfortunately I think I caught something in santiago last week because my stomach has been funny and eating has been kind of painful) (this is from last weekend... sorry for the long delay... I went to south to La Serena for three days and then the rest of the week was spent celebrating the national holiday... and hopefully i´ll get blog entries about those up soon!)... read more
Volantines volando!

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó September 11th 2008

some more pics from the dunes and a few from school mostly from last week and the weekend before last (p.s. Debby- I cant figure out how to respond to your message, but i´ll try to get some more pictures of me up here... I know i have a few from Santiago that Mamá took on her cell phone!)... read more
Con las chicas
Kim and me
Nati and Me

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó September 11th 2008

Unfortunately three more of the puppies got sick and died, but thus is nature I suppose. My uncle brought them to the vet but there wasn´t much to do for them I guess. However the two beautiful little black ones are still alive and doing really well. And they´ve grown a lot! When I left for Santiago I could fit one in my cupped hands, and now they´re much more than a handful! Their eyes just opened aswell! They are just soooo sweet with their little wrinkly noses and chubby feet! I am still spending a lot of time out in the dog house, and Nutela continues to leave me with them a fair amount... actually she has been leaving them alone a bit aswell... she gets pretty bored with them. Also the other guard dog, ... read more

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 29th 2008

Last weekend I went out to the Dunes with my sister Cata and two friends... they were absolutely gorgeous and it was so stunning to look out at the mountains and dunes around us when we climbed up one of the dunes. It was great fun rolling around in the sand (a bit like going to the sand pits in the summer) and the sand was sooooooo fine! It was more like rolling around flour! Afterwards, even after showering I still had sand EVERYWHERE though! I still have some in ears.... looks like I´ll always have a little bit of Chile with me, cause we´re going to the dunes again this weekend (and plus I don´t think I´ll ever fully get the dust out of my lungs... it´s so dry and dusty!). And you might notice ... read more
Dunes 3
Dunes 2
Dunes 4

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 24th 2008

and what you´ve all been waiting for...... me in a school uniform!!! Also some pictures of me going downtown with a couple friends. There is a collectivo (public transportation... sort of like taxis but they only go back and forth between a set of certain stops depending on the number thats on the car) stop a short walk from my house, which makes it really easy to go into town with friends and whatnot. I´ve done that a few times after school and on weekends.... also a few of my friends live pretty close by so it´s easy to meet up with them! Nothing much exciting has been going on... just school in the week, and going out on the weekends. My lenguaje teacher has told me that i´ve been improving rapidly on my assignments, which ... read more

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 19th 2008

A few pictures of weekend nightlife here (carriete = party) Also a few pictures of my room! (I´ve now moved into my own room!!!)... read more
Cata Dancing
La Pollo and Bianca
DJ Mesa and Me

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 11th 2008

Mamá and Osvaldo took me to see a performance of traditional Chilean dances on friday...! sorry the pics are pretty crappy cause of the lack of light, but the videos are really cool!... read more

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 11th 2008

Some photos of the view and whatnot from here in Copiapó... also, today (being last sunday... sorry for the delay) Osvaldo gave me a historical tour of Copiapó.... which we're going to have to do again when I understand more spanish! I did actually manage to understand the majority though... anyway some of the pictures are from today.... read more
down the street

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 8th 2008

On last sunday i went to the beach with Mamá, Osvaldo, Felipe and his girlfriend Tamara... we went snorkling and the water was FREEZING! but it was pretty cool too (in the other meaning of the word)... read more
in wet suits...

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