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South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica April 29th 2012

Before I start my musings I am sending much love to Ainsley Reynolds, my cousin in law ( if there is such a word, who has had a traumatic couple of weeks and is now home resting after surgery. Speedy recovery Ainso and see you on the beach for Sangria and Jonny SaTrinxa. (and maybe a smidgen Pasha) xx Sunday . So fare well Iquique. You were wonderful but it is now time to cross into the last of the 12 regions of Chile to the city that lies on the border with Peru, Arica.Most ... read more

After almost three months and 4,000 kilometres, we've made it all the way to the top of Chile. We've arrived in Arica and our Chilean adventure is about to come to an end. Peru is only a couple of miles away. Sitting right on the Pacific Ocean, Arica is famous for being the driest city on Earth - an average year will see it get less than one millimetre of rain. While we've been making our way north from Santiago, Arica and its surrounding region have seen torrential rain and flooding. Yes, flooding. The driest city in the world. The world! Farms in the Azapa Valley - Arica's answer to the Elqui Valley - have been inundated, countless adobe homes washed away, roads blocked, bridges destroyed. You just could not make it up. While in Iquique ... read more
Where are their legs?
Down valley from Putre
Down valley from Putre

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica March 24th 2012

Despite the extremely small town of San Pedro, we were able to book Tur Bus to Calama and then Tur Bus again to Arica. We had an 8:30 PM bus out of San Pedro. We arrived in Calama at 10:00 and stayed at the station unti our 11:20 bus to Arica. The ride to Arica was 8 hours. It was another semi-cama. This time the driver did not stink, but the road did. For the first couple hours we were on a rutted dirt road that was totally washed out. So, yet again, very little sleep. We arrived in Arica bright and early, about 7:30. Arica is a border town with Peru, so it was our last stop in Chile. We became a little nervous at the bus station when everything was closed. It was Sunday, ... read more
Looking back at Chile
Our bus to Peru

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica March 23rd 2012

I´m a logistical person as you have probably gathered from my blogging style. I tend to blog more about little things that happen and how we get places than described in detail how incredibly cool the places are that we go. Sarah does a better job with that kind of stuff. So, in sticking to the logistical stuff, here are some other notes that may be of interest to some. Climate - Chile and Argentina have been similar in temperature to September back in the States. Mid 60´s most of the time with variations on the higher and lower end. For the most part, it hasn´t gotten below the 40´s at night even in the coldest places. So, what do you wear? - me, I have been in a short sleeve shirt and occassionally throwing on ... read more

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica March 23rd 2012

So, what do we eat down here? The food in South America has not been what we expected to this point and it deserves a blog of its own. Let me start by saying that Sarah has an uncurable hunger. Before finishing lunch she is on to thoughts of snacks and ultimately dinner. She just read over my shoulder and said I can say more, "I am hungry all the time. ALL THE TIME. I am thinking about it all the time. What to eat when I wake up. Snack before breakfast. Breakfast. Snack after breakfast...I mean, I am hungry right now (we just ate breakfast)..." She went on and on. Me, I have been hungry once or twice on the whole trip. It is a really weird shift. I do not know which is more ... read more
Typical dinner - bread and cheese (C/A)
Ice Cream (C/A)
Locro (C/A)

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica March 11th 2012

Geo: -18.4874, -70.3222Saturday 03/03/12 Castro, Chile 14c Sunny spells with a few showersThe approach up river to Costa is lined by Salmon fish farms on both sides, as the river is fairly narrow it can be challenging getting larger ships upstream especially if there's something coming downstream. Apparently this is a five billion dollar industry for them and they're now expanding the operation to double its size, impressive. We'd no sooner been tendered across to the terminal building when the heavens opened up fortunately after half an hour it stopped and the sun came out which enabled us to wander the town which is renowned for its wood carvings and all things wooden. We visited the San Francisco cathedral which looks impressive from a distance but as you get closer you... read more
Castro Cathederal
Wooden tiled house
Another wooden tiled house

1.Celebrate your history at UICCP: What is a mountain that you think you have climbed since your time here at UICCP? Be specific and explain. What helped you cross this mountain? the moutain that I think that I have climbes since being here at UICCP, was taking over and ackleing my junior year, it was my first year at UICCP, and I tooked it over and conqured it. 2. What immediate mountain is before you in your final semester as a senior? Be specific. How do you plan to tackle this mountain? How do you need help climbing this mountain? The immidate mountain that i will take over final semester is presenting my senior portfollio, I think this will be a challenge beacuse I have to practice on my public speaking skills without being nervous, this ... read more

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica January 7th 2012

So, about three weeks late, I have decided to update my travel blog, just in case anyone was worried about me. You have no idea how much effort it has taken for me to finally get around to writing this… I've spent the last two and a half busy weeks in Arica, a small city on Chile's Pacific Coast just south of the frontier with Peru. Staying with a local family was a brilliant experience as it allowed me to become truly immersed in local culture. Plus it was a chance to improve on my Spanish. Arica itself is an unusual place. Although now in Chile, it has previously been owned by both Peru and Bolivia, the latter of which still claim ownership, leading to frequent disputes between the governments. The temperature fluctuates between 20-30 degrees ... read more

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica October 30th 2011

So, has been a long time since we posted something on our blog! The reason is that after our return from Peru we got kinda stuck in Arica, but in a good way! It felt really nice to have some sort of a home (the hostel is really nice, thanks to Kurt by the way) and we spent the days with surfing, relaxing on the beach and hanging out with our new friends Adam from Brisbane and Fabiola from Zürich! Surfing was really great, got used to La Isla and had some good days. We also did a day trip to the Bolivian boarder which is situated in the stunning National Park Lauca. So there is not much to report except that we really enjoyed the last weeks. Next stop, San Pedro de Atacama...... read more
Lauca National Park
Lauca National Park
Lauca National Park

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica October 5th 2011

The way north to Arica took us two days, spending the night at a beach close to Antafogasta. Staying in Arica felt really like going on a vacation. We met really nice guys from New Zealand and David from Germany, which pushed the surfing a little bit (thanks for that by the way)! Had some pretty relaxed days, nice BBCs and made plans for Peru...... read more
Playa Grande-Antofagasta
Medium to Rare

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