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South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica December 18th 2012

Having reached our final destination feels a bit strange and at the same time satisfying. This morning I woke up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore and sitting up in bed could see the sea and the beach. No thinking about hours and hours in the car, just a day stretching out in front with the beach and the sun. Actually it’s been a bit cloudy in the mornings with the sun coming out about 1pm. But we’ve not been doing much until then anyway. In fact we’ve not being doing much at all; a bit of sitting on the beach, a bit of reading, a bit of Uno and a bit of surfing and lots of Big Bang Theory re runs in the evenings. Very pleasant. I never got round to taking ... read more
Container ship in the port

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota December 17th 2012

Day 16 I’m feeling happy that we are not on the move anymore, for a bit anyway. Today we got up late watched a bit of tv and then Joe prepared a devotional for us about Jesus’s travels. Then me and Joe went down to the beach to do a sandcastle. It took us all day to finish it, we had made it in a special location so that when the tide comes up it will attack the great walls of the city. (See pictures) So yeah we were on the beach and in the sea most of the day. At about 12am the tide finally reached the castle flooding over the walls and wiping out everything. We were amazed to find a sting ray laying on the floor by the castle!!! About 30cm wide and ... read more
the sand city

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica December 16th 2012

Today was more like a day you would think of when you say ''I'm on holiday''. It started of with a usual holiday lie in reaching very late morning so I'm afraid i can't really say anything about what other family members untill about 11am. But when i was finally up and running properly Ben had prepared a bit of a devotional for us (something dad came up with for the holiday) to start my day off. A few minutes later we were alll down the beach, which is very easy to get to as our appartment is in a building right in the sea front. The beach here is nice with fine sand and the sea is a good temperature with decent size waves for me and ben to have some good fun on the ... read more
Me (Joe)

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica December 15th 2012

Day 14 Sleeping in the boot night We were at a petrol station in the night and when we had filled up Dad, Joe and Ben made me a bed in the boot. I’ll tell you how they made it. They put the biggest suitcases underneath, then they put the surf boards on top and then they put a blue roll up mat on the surfboards and then they put a pillow where my head was going to go then a sleeping bag on top. Then they put the petrol can on top of the roof to make space. Then we were off to go. I fell asleep very quickly because I was very tired. I slept all night in the boot while Mum and Dad stopped and started with their two hours each. When it ... read more
Drawing in the sand
Me and the sunset from the window
The dawn and a cup of tea (I was asleep)

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica August 16th 2012

Day 304 Friday 10th August It is a shame that most hotels just have to have something wrong with them, this place has been a good hotel, right up to check out. At 6.00am we are checking out and there is an annoyance small but still it is a pity. The hotel conversion rate is 2.8 for US dollars to soles when every other hotel has been 2.7 and if you use Mastercard they will not do it in US dollars so basically it is a rip off. After some consideration we pull out the last of our US money, which includes the 100 dollar note no one in Peru would touch (it is not counterfeit it is just Peru will not except $US100 bills) and she accepts of course she had no choice because we ... read more

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota July 27th 2012

The trip started in Santiago as we would be flying from there on Sunday evening. We spent a leisurely morning at Tia Raquel’s place until we made our way to the airport. Everything was an absolute breeze since the airport is divided into domestic and international flights and apparently, there aren’t very many domestic flights – at least when you consider how many domestic flights there are within the United States. As we had plenty of time, I did the usual: walk around, buy a cup of coffee, etc. Francisca was taking lots of pictures to commemorate her first time flying. She ended up doing very well! Maria Gloria also did so well flying that I assumed she had flown before, but come to find out, she hadn’t! I was the cause for these two bus-travelling ... read more
Francisco, our guide
Us three with the Morro behind

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica May 5th 2012

Oh Chile, oh Chile you captured my heart. and as I move north, it is hard to depart. Your people, your mountains, your desert, your coast You are all rightly proud to stand up and boast. Oh Patagonia,what land, of stunning beauty of windswept landscape, and bended tree, Set sail for los pengiunos but they'd have to wait Adrift as we were in Magellan strait. Oh Torres de Paine my breath you took Determined to trek you by hook or by crook, ... read more
on reflection
my saviors
Loving your work

I an writing this blog entry sat on a tock by a lake Chungara at 4500 meters snobs sea level. I am High in the Antiplsno. Of tje lLauca Natonal prtk.. .it is so Peaceful here, as grorgie fame on e wrote no one looking over my shoulder, nobody bresthing in my ear , ehixh at ghd moment sould be vety difficult. The air is do thin here i sm lgbt heared and msking msny typinf mostakes. Just imbing u a smLl hill leaves dveryone breathless. I os skso msking me cery tired snd i had started to fall aslerp on the bus. Cncentration is very difficult. I have been at 4500 before on Bivia but that was a gradual climb over a week. This has edn from desevel to 4500 meters in four lady ... read more
The interesting shack
flower on Cactus
Pirate poncho day

First of all dear blog followers a confession. I have had my first South American MacDonalds.Wandering around the city of Arica in search of an iron construction church designed by Eiffel - he who built the tower that bears his name in Paris- I saw the golden arches on top of a large pole. I started to salivated. Resistance was futile as having not eaten anything except Henny's grapes the night before, and despite the promise I try and make every time I go away to solely eat the food of the country I am in, I caved in and wandered inside. It was like a magnet and there was nothing I could do to resist. It was also a public holiday in ... read more
sunsetting at caves
south america in a rock
sunsetting at caves

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica April 30th 2012

'Get out of the waves.... Go back to the valley man' These words came back to haunt me when I was Jonny Utah for the day. George Evans where are you now? George was a young man I used to work with and who, during long night shifts. used to bring in films to watch. (and no, not the ones with Ron Jeremy, mores the pity). One film we all loved was Point Break with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, who played FBI agent Jonny Utah. A classic from the 1980's set around the surfing community. who happen also to be bank robbers. Dressed in masks of former presidents of the USA, Jonny had to learn to surf ... read more
Surfs up
Surfschool mobile
the beach

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