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South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica January 28th 2006

Just after my last entry, I checked my email just before getting on the bus for a 12 hour overnight ride to San Pedro de Atacama. In that email I learned that my Uncle Mark had died that day. This has always been one of my travel fears - that someone I loved would pass away while I was out of the country. I loved my uncle very much - he went out of his way to make sure I had a good time at the lake in Wisconsin every summer. His death comes as a surprise for me, and since I was unable to make it home for the services, it still hasn´t quite sunk in for me. I was able to go to church in San Pedro to sit and reflect for a time, ... read more

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica January 28th 2006

Let´s see, after my last entry I took an overnight bus from Arequipa, Peru to Tacna, Peru. I didn´t sleep much at all and arrived early - about 4:30am. I had decided earlier to skip Tacna itself, and just use it as an entry into Chile. So I had to sit at the bus station until about 7am waiting for the borders to open, and to get some transport there. I saw another gringo there in the bus station, and decided to ask him to watch my pack while I went to the bathroom. This is a difficult part of traveling alone. His name is Christoph, a nice guy from Austria as it turns out. Afterwards we sat and chatted until the border opened, and then we shared a taxi with a couple other folks who ... read more

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica November 3rd 2005

Somewhat regretfully, I loaded onto the bus for Tacna in southern Peru. From here, Chile was only a few kilometers away. I did hate to leave Peru. I liked everything about the country: the food, people, landscapes, accent...the only thing that seriously bothered me was the pollution. But I eventually had to be on my way. I got it into my head that it would be a good idea to arrive in Tacna in the middle of the night. I was so wrong! I didn´t feel comfortable enough to take a taxi in the middle of the night alone in a mostly deserted area of town, so I slept in the bus station. It was freezing, uncomfortable, and noisy. There were only a few others who stayed the night as well, one being the woman who ... read more
The Beach in Arica
El Morro
Eating Ice Cream on a Horse

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica June 15th 2005

The 1008km bus ride from Jujuy across to Iquique, Chile was just under 24 hours, including the border stops and a 4 hour stop in Calama to change buses. It was pretty much desert all the way. Crossing the Andes we rose to 5200m. It was just dry, arid landscape for as far as we could see, and the occasional snow-capped peak in the distance. San Pedro de Atacama had interesting landforms, surrounded by towering volcanoes. It was more sandy than the Argentinan side and numerous sand dunes were dotted across the landscape. San Pedro town itself did little to inspire us to get off the bus. I guess it's the safari tours into Boliva to the Salt Flats that attracts the tourists to this place, that only 2 days earlier had an ATM machine installed! ... read more
San Pedro de Atacama Desert
Iquique - paragliding

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica June 8th 2005

Ignore the offical location, im in Chile, i just cant get the computer to change it! i ate llama! Im loving Chile just now, we arrived into Arica, Northern Chile at stupid o clock yesterday morning and checked into the coolest hostel ive stayed in yet. Its run by an old New Zealand guy called Ross and his Chilien wife. Its really homey and Ross makes an all you can eat breakfast every morining from 7 til 11am so you dont even have to get up early! Yesterday we had a little sleep in the morning then Ross did all our washing (clean, dryed and folded) while we hit the shops in town and I had a look at the beach. Its out of season just now so it was a bit deserted and creepy. Its ... read more
Feeding the Llamas
Hugging the Llamas
Arica Beach

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica June 8th 2005

- FOOD: 3 course meals at lunch are the cheapest way to eat. But I don't think Chile has a 'dish'. - PEOPLE: So very friendly (but do they really speak Spanish?) - totally surprised as the Chileans have a reputation of being snobbish. Lots of gypsies and fortune tellers. - AREA: A bit run down and tacky. The plaza isn't great but has an Eiffel designed iron church. Street full of posters of naked people covered in paint! Restaurants with staff that aren't in a hurry to serve. El Morro cliff with war museum at top and fab views. - WEATHER: Very windy! Wed 8th: Lee has persuaded me to go the Galapagos Islands after all (how can I POSSIBLY do a trip to South America and not?). I have enough time now it looks ... read more

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica June 2nd 2005

Hello, Well, we have made it to Peru. We are currently in Arequipa, but we´ll get to that later. We have had a number of very busy and unplanned for days recently. On the 28th we overnighted to Arica. Arica is a beach resort town in far northern Chile about 20 km (12 miles) away from the Peruvian border. We were originally planning on traveling to La Paz, Bolivia from Arica. However, over the last week or two, there have been large protests in La Paz with the protesters blocking all the roads leading into and out of the city. So we arrived in Arica, having learned only the night before that Bolivia was having issues (we are not always the most up to date on news). So our plans had to change quickly. We arrived ... read more
The Morro of Arica
The view from the Morro

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota July 12th 2004

Here are some pics from Northern Chile. Arica is Chile's most northerly city and is also one of the driest places on earth. Parque Nacional Lauca is at 6000 m above sea level. Tacna, is a small town in southern Peru, where we hopped the border to have lunch and get a Peru passport stamp. I will have to come back to Peru as a lunch trip isn't giving it the justice it deserves! (sorry, not all pics are loaded at this time...)... read more
Above the Clouds
Putre, Chile

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