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Published: February 7th 2012
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1.Celebrate your history at UICCP: What is a mountain that you think you have climbed since your time here at UICCP? Be specific and explain. What helped you cross this mountain?

the moutain that I think that I have climbes since being here at UICCP, was taking over and ackleing my junior year, it was my first year at UICCP, and I tooked it over and conqured it.

2. What immediate mountain is before you in your final semester as a senior? Be specific. How do you plan to tackle this mountain? How do you need help climbing this mountain?

The immidate mountain that i will take over final semester is presenting my senior portfollio, I think this will be a challenge beacuse I have to practice on my public speaking skills without being nervous, this will be my biggest challenge this year

3. Create a mountain! Of course there will be many challenges and responsibilities that come with getting older. But what is a mountain that you want to create for yourself? Why this mountain? How do you plan on tackling it?

The moutain that will create for myself is earning my Phd in psychology, this will require many more years in school , after college and will require complete hard work and dedication, but i will do whatever it takes to live up to my dreams and be happy!


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